New Years Resolutions + Christs Return

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It is always prudent to examine our past as we start off the New Year.

Were we judgmental before knowing all of the facts?
Were you aware that foolishness is sinful?
How much gossip were we involved in?
Were we honest with ourselves in 2018?

How much charity did we express among the Brethren.
Did we show our love for the truth?
Are we putting private revelations above the deposit of Faith?
What did we do to help the Faithful foster Unity last year?
Did we check the reliability of a story before forwarding it to others?
As 2018 ends remember we are one year closer to Our Death and one year closer to Christ’s return on  that last Pentecost Sunday or Saturday depending what part of the world that your in at the time. One must remember that the Lord cannot return until these 4 prophecies come to a conclusion.

1. The date setting of Easter in April. (This is not absolute)
2. The establishment of a papal presence in Jerusalem WITH the gathering of the world religious leaders. 
3. The Great Biblical Chastisement of fire which will seem to come from the Sun, (The faithful will be protected from the fire) Church teaching. “The Book of Destiny”  Kramer 1956
4. The killing & the resurrection of the two witness,  then His return on the following Pentecost Sunday.

Purgatory’s demise in the End Times.
It is the general opinion of the Church that because of the influence of the AntiChrist system that survival for Traditional Catholics will be very difficult, so much so,  that at the end the world we will be divided as either Saints or Sinners. Because of this, purgatory will not be available for those of us who are here when Christ returns.
You have this in “The Catechism Explained” by Fr’s Spirago and Clark. 1921.  The other source is, “Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma,” by Dr. Ludwig Ott Page 485, 1955.
The purifying fire will not continue after the General Judgment.
Matt: 25: 34-41. No place in between here. St. Augustine says, “Let purification punishments be counted on only before that last and  terrible judgment.” Dr. Ott
It’s the love of the TRUTH and defending it that makes us Catholics. Without the Truth , everything else is in vain

Grace be with you, through Mary Our Hope,  In Christ, Joseph