There were surprisingly few Catholic voices who spoke out against the Anti-council’s heresies

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This  Article was take from  8-26-18 and my response follows.

“In those dark days of the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965), there were surprisingly few Catholic voices who spoke out against the Anti-council’s heresies and creation of the New church of the New Order to replace the Catholic Church on November 21, 1964. The question is still asked, why didn’t more Catholics speak out then against the fake New church, which is awash in heresy, immorality, corruption, and idolatrous services?”

What the Traditio Fathers failed to understand is that Satan and his Angel’s unleashed a barrage of sinful, immoral behavior through-out the world that us Catholics had to confront with before the Vatican II Council began. I believe it started when they took public Biblical prayer out of the school. (President Kennedy supported the change.) Followed by the Vietnam war protesters and riots. (Pope Paul VI was against the war and expressed it) After the assassination of President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy joined up with the Vietnam war protesters, this in turn started dividing the country and the world. Add to this, the immoral movies, music, then came the beatniks or flower children with the drugs, mini skirts, topless bars. The shootings of the Kennedy’s, Martin Luther King and Governor Wallace.

So you can see now and understand that us parents were in a full scale war against these evils which were attacking our children and society in general. With this in mind, who cared about what was going on in Rome?  By the time we did find out, it was to late, the changes were here. But the fight didn’t stop, from this point on we had the States doing away with the blue (Christian) laws, stores were allowed to open on Sundays, then the decriminalization of homosexual, adultery and fornication acts followed by the legalization of abortion and now, same sex marriage.

So there you have it my friends, one other problem that even the Fathers failed to realize and many even today refuse to accept and that is Paul VI took us into the “Great Apostasy” and he became the “Man of Sin” spoken of by the Apostle Paul and that all of these Vatican II popes are the AntiChrists of Scripture. It’s time to stop kidding ourselves and prepare the world for the Second Coming of Christ. The Vatican II Council is irreversible.

Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph