Church’s Birthday & Pentecost Sunday, a Response

Dear Father Ladis J. Cizik, National Executive Director
The Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima, U.S.A., Inc.

PO Box 976

Washington, NJ 07882-0976
In responding to your claim that the Catholic Church was not born on Pentecost Sunday as printed in the Catholic Family News May 20th 2018
First, it’s not a DOGMA that Pentecost Sunday is the birthday of the Church but It emphasis it by making it’s feast day equal to that of Easter Sunday. Also the Church is made up of Three persons of the Trinity. But the Church did not receive the Third person of the Trinity until Pentecost Sunday, so it cannot have an early birthday without the Holy Ghost because it would be imperfect or incomplete without the Holy Ghost. By the way, this is where 666 comes from, the incompleteness or imperfect state of the Jewish faith without Christ.
I wish it was possible for me to sue those who abuse their authority in a court of law but you can’t. The civil courts will not hear cases on matters of faith. They will tell you to take it to your Pastor, Bishop or Rome. Since Rome has lost the faith, this avenue is closed to us Traditional Catholics. Everyone knows this and so they know they can have any opinion they want to and get away with it because nothing can be done about it.  Except on judgment day when they will pay for it when they are confronted by the Holy Judge, Jesus Christ, on that last Pentecost Sunday.
In Christ, Joseph B. D. Saraceno