The Fatima Network (and organization) founded by Father Nicholas Gruner

Paul Sarron Taken from face-book – May 10 at 9:33pm ·
Based on my research I have reached the firm conclusion that the Fatima Network (and organization) founded by Father Nicholas Gruner in 1977 was (and is) just a financial operation intended to solicit and scam money out of gullible People. The Fatima Network has never had any formal connection to the Roman Catholic Church. This organization would easily take in a few million US dollars each year, if not more.

The so-called Father Nicolas Gruner was a dubious Priest, apparently ordained by an elderly Italian Bishop (which he duped) in the diocese of Avellino in Southern Italy in 1975. Following his ordination he left the diocese without the Bishop’s permission and returned to Canada. During his entire Priesthood Gruner was never associated with any Parish. Even if his ordination was valid, for most (or much) of his Priesthood he was a suspended Priest for disobeying the directives of several Bishops. Gruner supposedly died 2 years ago – I strongly believe that he is still very much alive.

His close associate also working for the Fatima Network was Father Paul Kramer. Father Paul Kramer was never ordained a Priest, apart from his spurious claims. He is just a shadowy, dishonest, and nefarious character pretending to be a Priest.

On April 4, 2017, we were told that the so-called Catholic Journalist and campaigner John Vennari past away. A few weeks before his death Vennari was hospitalized, though the details of this are pretty vague. On February 22, 2017, Doctors informed him that he was in the “active stages of dying”, whatever that means. Some Priest came and gave him the last rites. Interestingly, he hung on for another 5-6 weeks.

John Vennari was also working for the Fatima Network. He too is another dubious character. For some years, earlier in his Life, he was a fake Monk with “The Most Holy Family Monastery”. For several months, before his hospitalization and death he was also soliciting money from people. He said he needed this money to fund alternative treatments for his colon cancer, as these treatments were not covered by medical insurance. I am led to believe that he received a large sum of money by this solicitation.

I am near certain the death of John Vennari was staged. He will probably re-surface in the near future along with Gruner telling us that the fake Messiah (the anti-Christ) brought them back to life. These Characters are just impostors and thieves, working for their Master Satan (Lucifer).