Week of the Creation, Happy Birthday World, Adam and Good Friday.

Week of the Creation, Happy Birthday World, Adam and Good Friday.

March 25th would be the week of the creation by the solar calendar and spring full moon, so this year the creation week starts on 25th and Adam’s birth or his creation day would fall on Good Friday evening by the Jewish calendar.(6pm) March 30th-31st. Ex:12. The reading on Good Friday, Holy Saturday Gen: 1.How ironic that our Lord would die on the day He created Adam. Some say that they were both buried in the same area but I can’t vouch for that.

March 24 or 25 use to be New Years day until Pope Gregory? changed it to Jan 1. That’s where April fools comes from. Those Catholics that continued or would keep on celebrating it on the 24 or 25, which went on for 7 or 8 days ending in April became known as April Fools. However that’s not to say that they did not accept the change but now celebrated both dates and it’s one thing to change the date for New Year and another to change the doctrinal teachings of the Church.

I heard this protestant minister? (Dr. Jobe Martin) compare the week of the creation with what our Lord did when He made wine at the wedding. He made comparison about how long it takes to make wine, let alone good wine and yet Jesus made it all in an instant. “If he could make that wine in an instant, then he could just as easily made the world in a week.” Good point I thought. I’ll drink to that.
There isn’t anything in the scriptures that can tell use when God made Eve. Or how long they were in the garden of paradise. Once out of the Garden of Eden, Adam celebrated with a Rib barbecue. (HA)

By a tree we fell.By a tree our redemption began.

By Eve we fell.
By Mary we rejoiced.

By water we were punished.
By water we became cleansed.

By the Passover we were freed from bondage.
By Christ’s Passover we were freed from the Law.

On the Sixth day the Father finished.
On the Cross the Sixth remark was, it is finished.

In Spring it all Began.
In Spring it will all End. Amen.

For those of you who are aware that the Lord will come back on that last Pentecost Sunday should remember that we are talking about Middle East time and those of us in the west it would be Saturday evening, therefore we would not have that last Pentecost Sunday. The General & Testimonial Judgment takes a week and ends on the eve of Trinity Sunday. The Gospel for Trinity Sunday. ” I will be with you till the End of the World.” Hello.

In Christ, Joseph.