Catholics. Are you a Sinner or a Son of God?

It’s nauseating for me to have to write these articles but Catholics are being brained washed into the protestant theology of “Were all sinners so just accept Jesus and your saved.” To begin with, protestants have no separation of Sins. They categorize all SINS as equal. Where as even Scriptures tells us that, “some sins are unto death and some are not.” (1) Those that are not are called Venial Sins. Venial sins cannot make you a SINNER. The objective and true meaning of a sinner is, “One who premeditates Mortal Sin without the desire to repent.”

There are hypocrites in every religion. With Catholics who continuously seek out someone to fornicate, many who won’t stop will hide this from their local pastor by going to other Churches to confess in order not to be exposed for their hypocrisy. We need to pray for them.

Are there Sins that cannot be forgiven. Absolutely. Jesus said that, “you can attack HIM and be forgiven but Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost cannot be forgiven. ” However Blasphemy is not define in the same sense as the scriptures. “it is impossible for those who have once enlighten, who have both tasted the Heavenly gift and become partakers of the Holy Spirit….and the fallen away, to be renewed again to repentance.” (2) Now the theologians say that it’s not that they cannot be forgiven but generally these type of people never repent? HA. That’s splitting hairs my friends. Did Martin Luther repent did Paul VI repent? NO THEY DID NOT. And I am positive that you will see them all come out of Hell on Testimonial, Judgment Day and go back to Hell when it’s concluded, on that last week of Pentecost.

Once we have tasted the Heavenly gift and become partakers of the Holy Ghost means that we have accepted and acknowledge the actual and sanctified Graces he has given us and because of this, our love becomes so strong for him that we would rather be killed rather than to offend his love for us.

The Church and the Scriptures teaches us that in the End Times the faithful will be reduced to the Remnant few. (3) Purgatory will not be available to us who are here when Christ returns. (4) This indicates that we will either be Saints or Sinners. Well my friends, look around you and you can see what our society has turned into today. Not to mention the division among the Traditional Catholic groups today.

So my friends, are you a SINNER or A Son of God? Make up your mind while you still have time.
And may almighty God Bless you, in the name of the Father, who Made you, the Son who Redeemed you and the Holy Ghost who Sanctifies you. Amen.

Grace be with you, In Christ, Joseph

(1) 1 John 5:16-17 (2) Matt: 12:31-33 Heb.6:4-6 (3) Matt:24:26 (4) “The Catechism Explained” by Fr’s Spirago and Clark. 1921. The other source is, “Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma,” by Dr. Ludwig Ott Page 485, 1955.