Space Shuttle Challenger – A Prelude and Sign of the Coming Chastisement

On or about December 1985, I was working on an article entitled “the Two Horns of Anti-Christ” I can’t remember who the particular priest’s were that I was in contact with at that time, but I remembered one that I had just recently met and was promoting his newsletter. A Father Dan Jones from Colorado.

As a very young man I was a spacecraft & airplane enthusiast, so much so that I predicted to a Catholic friend of mine’s dad, that ‘he would live to see us put a man on the moon.’
Back then it was kind of sacrilegious to even think of going into space, let alone to the moon. That’s one prophecy that came true, as he died sometime after the event.
I bring this up because, in 1985-86 I was extremely busy with preserving the Catholic Faith and preparing the Church for the Second Coming of Christ.  I wasn’t paying attention to the space program.
What got me to write the article on the Two Horns was the result of a phone conversation I had with Fr. Jones, in describing the Beast of the Apocalypse and the parallel of the two horns associated with the high priest in the Old Testament and how they relate to John Paul I and John Paul II. After our phone conversation, Father suggested I should put in writing what we discussed over the phone, so that’s what motivated me to write The Two Horns of  Anti-Christ.
After completing the article, I gave it to then, Fr. Thomas M Vallencourt to edit. Once I had a finalized copy, I had him take a copy to Fr. Dennis Chicoine (one of the Superiors of CMRI) for approval as Father Thomas Marie was going to Mount St. Michaels for the holidays. Sometime later, I called to check to find out if the article was acceptable. Fr. Thomas Marie told me that Fr. Chicoine couldn’t find anything objectionable in it.
Since we were fast approaching the holidays, I decided to wait until sometime after New Years Day before mailing it out to all the traditionalist’s on my, then, mailing list.  Fr. Jones of course, being one of the first among many of the Fathers.
In the meantime NASA was preparing the ‘Space Shuttle Challenger’ for an end of the month flight but again I had more important things on my mind and wasn’t paying any attention to it.
Fr. Dennis Chicoine and Mother Superior Katrina were in town for talks and recollection the last weekend before the Challenger launched. (24,25, 26,) ( 25 is St Paul’s day) The flu was going around at that time, it was kind of late Sunday evening before I could talk with Fr. Chicoine about my article as I had brought a few copies with me and we went over it.
Now Mother Superior upon hearing and seeing what we were discussing, asked Father if she could have a copy, and Father approved. So I gave her a copy also and went home. However, I was starting to feel the effects of the flu and became ill that evening to the point that I had to call in sick the next morning. Now I’m not much for being out one day let alone two days in a row, but that’s what happened, so I called in sick again at5:30 in the morning and went back to bed. A few hours latter I got up and decided to go to the health food store for some kind of cold remedy. When I entered the front of the store the owner wasn’t in the store, but was in the back room. He was watching television. He wasn’t making any effort to come into the store, strange I thought, since I knew the guy, I went back there and he was still fixed onto the television. So I asked, “what’s going on?” That’s when I found out that the Space Shuttle Challenger had just blown up. As they rerun the event, I saw what happened, and noticed a strange appearance it made, like a two horned monster.
Well so much for that I thought, just another one of those strange accidents and I had to help myself so that I can make it to work the next day.
My work schedule at the time was filling in for the shipping clerk who handled our truck shipments. He had a nice little office on the loading dock and  had a radio in it to help pass the day.
One Catholic truck driver who knew I was involved in Parousia (Second Coming of Christ) and was active as a Traditional Catholic came over to me and asked ‘why God would allow something like this to happen to those astronauts?’ and jokingly I said “I don’t know, do you want me to find out?” And of course he said “Yes, find out.”  So, I continued to do my work and never gave it a second thought. I figured if God wanted me to know, He would tell me.
The next day or so, in the morning after checking the dock which I do every morning, I went into my office and turned on the radio and starting writing up shipments for the day. As I was listening to the radio,  it happened to be a talk show. They proceeded to talk about the Space Shuttle Challenger accident. It wasn’t quite known for sure what caused the explosion and one of the two persons on the show mentioned that this flight had been set up to be an interfaith mixed sex and ethnic flight.
So it was religion, ethnic, and sex flight.
Well, that certainly got my attention and started going over who the crew was. Two women, one Catholic, one JEW, Ellison Onizuka was Japanese and a Budhist. McNair was Black and as I recall, one of the other three was a Baptist or a Baptist Minister. I couldn’t remember what those other astronauts were, so I tried looking it up in the computer today for this article, but no where could I find their ethnic or religious background on the computer.
Going back to the question my friend asked me, I told him what I found out so far, and you have to wonder if God predestined this accident to coincide with my article as a sign to the faithful and a warning to the One Worlders of the Apocalyptic times that we were in and are going to transpire down the road.
Reflecting again how the space shuttle took the appearance of the two horned monster after it blew up, the two horns of the Anti-Christ began to fit in. Since I mailed my articles out in the first week of January then discussing it with Fr. Chicoine and Mother Superior just days before the accident.
Since I wrote this article at the request of Fr. Dan Jones, I decided to call him up and discuss my finding with him. Needless to say he didn’t feel there was a connection, nevertheless I told my friend the truck driver that I would continue to check out anymore leads.
A short time later they determined the cause of the accident which was a faulty O-ring. And as a result of the freezing temperature the night before, caused this O-ring to shrink, adding to its defectiveness. So mother nature contributed to the accident.
After this, of course there was the funerals. Judith Resnik’s funeral mourners who were standing outside the SYNAGOGUE, noticed some airforce jets flying overhead. So many gave the planes the TWO HORN sign language for love and this got printed in the papers. The Two Horns of AntiChrist  was a symbol of Moses, hence the new term, “Synagogue of Satan.” This was applied to the Jews who then, rejected Christ. Apoc. 2:9
Two horn fingers on the hand have different meanings. Americans use one finger to tell you off, Italians use two fingers, so one day I asked my mom what the original meaning of the two fingers to tell you off meant.  She being an Italian expert, said it meant “the curse of Satan be on you.”
Still I really felt something was missing until sometime later a TV news person was doing a feature story in Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles.  She was interviewing this Japanese merchant about the thought of naming his street after the Budhist Japanese Astronaut, Ellison Onizuka. The merchant got upset over this for a couple of reasons, one being the financial reason, as he would have to naturally change his address, business cards, his phone book and other things with his address, and then he said besides, “do you know what Onizuka means?” he asked. “No”  replied the reporter, and this is what he said on television, “it means, place where the DEVIL lives, and who wants a street named after Satan.” “Wow”  I said to myself, “this really puts the icing on the cake.”
So I call Fr. Jones up again and told him about the two horn love sign and the Satan name of the astronaut. Finally he began to admit that I was on to something.
By now, I felt that God gave me the answer. To me this was God’s way of reflecting a sign and a symbol to all those I had written to and to prepare for the coming chastisements we are going through then,  now, and face in the years ahead.
Finally I told my truck driver friend and he didn’t have any problems with my findings. I didn’t pursue the matter until a year or so ago, when I met a Catholic teacher who was into Japanese culture. So I told him the story. He suggested I look up the meaning of Onizuka, the name to verify the meaning and maybe do an article on it. I looked it up, this is what I found; Japanese names can have up to three meanings. His name came out, “Demon+Grave+monument,” and in the footnote it explains “People aren’t buried in these, they are like monuments to gods.”
These events I described to you, I call signal graces, as with John Paul II,  when he was shot on May 13, that was the day of Our Lady of Fatima, it was also my birthday and I realized that he was in Chapter 13:14 of the Apocalypse. The Image of the Beast, which had the wound by the sword, and lived……11 And he had two horns, like a lamb, and he spoke as a dragon.  The  Two Horns of AntiChrist, John+Paul II. Also it is St. Paul who gives us the insight on the “Great Apostasy” and the second coming of Christ.
Hurt not the earth……till we sign the servants of our God in their foreheads Apoc. 7:3.

……many prophets and kings have desired to see the things that you see, and have not seen them;  St. Luke 10:23-24

In Christ,
Joseph B.D. Saraceno
8-22-2007 Immaculate Heart of Mary
In memory of the Astronauts: Christa McAuliffeJudith Resnik, Ellison Onizuka, Francis Scobee, Gregory Jarvis, Michael Smith, Ronald McNair.