Sr. Mary Bernadette will be celebrating her Golden Jubilee

Dear friends;

Sr. Mary Bernadette will be celebrating her Golden Jubilee on October 7 of this year — that is, her 50th Anniversary of Vows! The combined ceremony of Vows and Jubilee begins with all the Sisters processing into the church chanting the Salve Regina — a very moving sight. We would all be most grateful if you would keep all of us in your prayers during this time, and be assured we will be praying for you as well.
On Wednesday, October 11th during the annual Fatima Conference at Mount Saint Michael,there will be a special reception in recognition of her golden jubilee, to which you are all cordially.

In as much as this invitation to the conference is to late to attend, unless you have already made arrangements. One could send a congratulating card to Sister in care of Mt. St. Michael’s. However after October 13 she most likely will return to her mission in New Hampshire. Addresses below.

I knew Sister’s mother RIP. She ran the kitchen at Mt. St. Michael’s and while visiting I remember going on one of the food runs to the super markets. We would load this van with 4 or 5 trash barrels then go to the back of the markets and load up with the expired food items. Then take them back to the Mount up to the kitchen and there she would sort what she wanted and we would dump what she discarded, And now she had the food for the Nuns and Fathers for one or two days, ha, The good old days.

Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph

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