Can Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost be forgiven?

I was asked if I thought that any of the Vatican II Cardinals could be converted, and elected to the Papacy, then bring back the Traditions of the faith. First of all we only have, at best, about 10 conservative Cardinals, so no way are they going to get elected to the papacy and how many of these new Cardinals are actually priests?

Once again, one has to understand that the Vatican II Council and (popes) in going against past decree’s of the Catholic Church, (mentioned in my writings) have not only committed Formal Public Heresy but in fact, committed Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. In Hebrews 6:4-8 we read, “For it is impossible for those who have both tasted the Heavenly gift …… ..and are fallen away: to be renewed again to penance….” Also read the Footnotes. (Douay-Rheims). Again in Luke 12:10 we have “You can speak against the Son of God and be forgiven, but whosoever speaks out against the Holy Ghost will not be forgiven”. Meaning, Christ’s Church.

I’ve been told by the Fathers that the Doctors and the Theologians admit that it’s because those type of people never repent, but die in that state. (Radio Replies 1-850) 1940 and (1).
This is also confirmed in the book of the Apoc.16:10 where it states “and they did not repent (even after the great chastisement) and give him glory….18:27,  and the Voice of the Bridegroom and the Bride will not be heard in thee anymore. Also 18:4-5

 Pope Pius X said, (Source?) “To wish for peace without God is an absurdity because wherever God is set aside, justice is exiled, and without justice, it is useless to nurture hopes of peace.”
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