On Pope Pius XII and the Mass Changes

The documents of Pope Pius XII concerning liturgical reform and it is nothing different than Pope St. Pius X–who was the one who started the movement. Will he be next on the list and then Pope St. Pius V? For Traditio it is a fight for their refusing to follow Pius XII’s Restored Holy Week Liturgy–and rejecting of Papal authority. Can you tell me that all the great theologians of the sixties who opposed the Novus Ordo and the first reference was always Pius XII’s Mediator Dei and Humani Generis–not John XXIII’s lying promise not to remove Latin while changing the liturgy. You have to remember that under Pius XII, anything that was Modernist was condemned and the perpetrator punished–just look at all the bishops thrown out of the Vatican by Pius XII  and rewarded as Cardinals under John XXIII, all the theologians silenced by Pius XII and re-instated by John XXIII. John XXIII did not fire–he still worked on same commission–it was that he needed someone more acceptable and higher to promulgate his Conciliar vision. If John XXIII is aware of the so-called error of the Restored Liturgy, why did he not reject it? No, he changed the prayer for the conversion of the Jews so it would be more neutral because he knew what he was doing, establishing a syncretic church–and Traditio supports him? It was only two months after his election that he brought Bishop Montini into the Vatican and made him a Cardinal.From this point on Montini was running the show. One month later he called the council. Pope John XXIII was just a transition Pope and everyone new it.
Also you will find Pope John XXIII in the book of the Apocalypse chapter 9 as the one who opens the gates of Hell.

In Christ, Joseph B. D. Saraceno