ALL Sede Vacantists do not share the same Opinions

I bring this topic up because I just recently heard a priest defending the NEW Consecration rite and he gave me the impression that all Sede Vacantists reject this rite and I know this is not true. If on the other hand, when it comes to NEW rite of ordination mostly all of the Traditional groups, in the beginning, accepted it to be invalid. If anything I find it humorous because if you just look at the Church in general, since the close of Vatican II Council there is more division among us now than any other time in Church History. If anything it supports the one position that we are living in the “Great Apostasy,” (Schism) that was spoken of by the Apostles. No confusion no “Great Apostasy.”  To illustrate a few examples, the liturgical calendar. Some use the 1943 others the 1953 versions. There are 4 different positions on the status of these Vatican II popes. What’s even funnier, even the Feeneyites are divided on these Vatican II popes. Here you have a group who supports the Churches past teaching of “No salvation outside the Catholic Church.” and yet you have the new church teaching you can be saved in any religion. This is just a few examples you have among the Traditionalists and this is ongoing for about 50 years now. Not to mention the Fatima secret?

For sure, this one teaching is absent among the groups. That is, it is just as sinful to divide the faithful as it is to fall into HERESY.
Unfortunately, as long as the Clergy call this cessation in the line of popes an interregnum, defined as “a break, lapse or pause in a continuous series” or “the time during which a throne is vacant between two successive reigns,” the laity will find it hard to believe we are in the “Great Apostasy.” Instead, they will seek some reconciliation with the Modernist Church that alone appears to offer a possible election of an acceptable pope even for many traditionalists.
In concluding, my dear faithful, we must all come to recognize the realization that as it stands up to this present time, the line of successors has been broken without any acceptable way to mend it and according to most Doctors of the Church the “Great Apostasy,” only lasts about 40 to 50 years before Christ comes back, which doesn’t give us much time to mend the line or come to a common Logical Conclusion. So under the circumstances we should be content with all our brothers and sisters who are trying to live their Catholic faith and are not going to the new, inter-faith, all religions are equal, churches. And in this spirit we should help one another in maintaining the purity of the faith.
Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph
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