Five Misleading teachings taught by many of the Fathers & Doctors of the Church


1. There would never be another physical State of Israel.

They began to apply Israel (God’s People) to the Church in meaning in new biblical translations because after the final destruction of Judea the Jews were dispersed through out the world and the Roman Emperors issued an edict that Jews were forbidden to return there. Even after Constantine freed the religions he and others never thought of lifting the edict. In 600 the area was mostly controlled by Arabs and they were the ones who opened the door for the Jews to return.

2. Many of the Fathers and Doctors thought we would always have a pope in the world until Christ comes back. Vatican Council I affirms this.

However the question of the AntiChrist was never brought up at the council and the Church does teach that the AntiChrist would most likely be a False Pope.
Today’s Sede Vacantists prove we have been without a pope at least since Paul VI. This has lasted for over 45 years, the longest period in the history of the Church and I have placed these Vatican II popes in the Bible.

3. No one knows when the end will come

No one knows when the end of the world will come has become an accepted dictum. This is not what the 5th Lateran Council teaches. The council forbade setting an exact date without permission from lawful authority. I have proven by Church teaching, the scriptures and tradition that Christ will come back on Pentecost Sunday, (Middle East Time) and the facts speak for themselves.My findings have  been approved by many of the Traditional Bishops and Fathers.

4. That there can only be one AntiChrist in the End Times

This comes from the fact that their can only be one Pope, ruler or high priest at a time and because of this the Apostles kept referring to him as a single individual.To begin with, Caiaphas was the first AntiChrist because he had Christ killed. I have proven that there are many AntiChrists during the Great Apostasy and end times. Up to the present time we have had five. Funny we have two in the world right now but only one is the leader. (Benedict and Francis). Same situation when Jesus was killed.

5. Elias and Enoch will come back and preach for three years before Christ comes back.

This comes from the Hebrew faith of TWO Witnesses and so were lead to believe that Elias & Enoch would someday return and that is why after the Passover meal one would go to the door and open it to see if Elias had returned. When asked by the Apostles when Elias was coming back, Jesus explain he had already came back in the spirit of John the Baptist whom they killed. Jesus was the other witness in the Spirit of Enoch but he didn’t mention it.
No one can come back from the other world except for the general judgment.

I was told that St. Jerome put this theory of Elias and Henoch coming back in the Breviary and everyone just went along with it and others because neither one of them died so they have to die to get into Heaven? They like everyone else who were in Paradise went into Heaven when Jesus opened the Doors. After this Paradise was eliminated and it’s doubtful God made another place for these two, ha.

Let me repeat and old saying which Applies eternally, which says, “let in wisdom before you let it out.”
Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph