The Economic Contributions given by Catholic Culture

wpid-SF_313_Patrick_StThis is my response to all the Catholic bashers who consistently want to find fault with Catholic Culture.

In this letter I’m focusing on the economic business contributions that Catholic culture contributes to our economy. I’m leaving out schools, hospital’s and the like.

Starting with January 1 and New Years Day

New years day on January 1 comes from Julius Caesar and Pope Gregory XIII.

I could not find a monetary figure of the spending done on New Years Eve so I estimated the spending to be around 15 billion dollars.

Valentine’s Day is estimate to be around 20 billion dollars.

St. Patrick’s Day I’m estimating it to be about 3 billion dollars.

Mardi Gras, I’m estimating this to be around 50 million dollars.

Easter Sunday, estimating it to be about 5 billion dollars.

Halloween, is estimated to be about 5.9 billion dollars.

And the biggest money spender of them all, Christmas. The estimated spending for Christmas for 2016 is put at ONE TRILLION DOLLARS.

So these Catholic bashers who are laughing all the way to the bank should move to some communist country and live in their own dream world.

In Christ, Joseph