Cardinal Oddi: Vatican II was Predicted by the Third Secret

OddiUnfortunately Our Lady of Fatima could not predict this future council because Paul VI became the 1st AntiChrist, (The man of Sin) and the council brought in the Great Apostasy.  The Fifth Lateran Council forbids predicting when the AntiChrist will come in to the world. Session II On how to preach.

Cardinal Oddi:
Vatican II was the Revolution in the Church Predicted by the Third Secret of Fatima

The late Cardinal Silvio Oddi was one of the last conservatives in the Roman Curia.

He worked closely with Archbishop Roncalli (the future John XXIII) when the latter was Nuntio in Paris. Msgr. Oddi was made a Cardinal by Paul VI in 1969, Between 1979 and 1985 he served as Prefect for the Congregation of the Clergy. After his retirement he wrote a book of memoires.

Among many interesting things, he affirms that Vatican II was the fulfillment of the Third Secret of Fatima: a Revolution in the Church.

At right top is the cover of the book Il tenero mastino di Dio [The Meek Watchdog of God]. At right , photocopies of the Italian text. Below, we present our translation of the lines highlighted in yellow.

The prophecy of Fatima was completely defied! It is a lack of sense, I would say, because according to the interpretation that seems to me most worthy of consideration, the Third Secret – which John XXIII and his successors thought inopportune to reveal – is not about a supposed conversion of Russia, still far from becoming a reality, but regards the ‘revolution’ in the Catholic Church.

From a Council convened to throw light on the beauty and profundity of the Christian mystery by presenting the Church as the spouse of Christ, according to the beautiful words of the same Pope John XXIII, so many innovations were born that they appear to constitute a true internal revolution.

(Silvio Oddi, Il Tenero Mastino di Dio, Rome: Progetto Museali Editore, 1995, p. 217-218).…/A_052_Oddi_CCL_Fatima.htm