The Giving of the Ten Commandments = Pentecost

images (22)The Giving of the Ten Commandments began at the close of Pentecost

I was told by many that there was no evidence of the month the 10 commandments were given. Well here it makes it clear on this web site that it started in the Month of Sivan on the 6th day. Which puts it in the end of May which cor-response to our Pentecost Sunday. Understanding also that the Church, both old and new goes by the moon calendar. The reason I bring this up is because in my findings of our Lord coming back on Pentecost Sunday I stated that it was also a Tradition or custom since the Father came down from Heaven to give us the 10 commandments and the Holy Ghost came down from Heaven on Pentecost Sunday to give us the Birthday of the birthday day of the Catholic Church then it’s only logical that the Son would do the same because it says so in the Hour Father, that the will has to be the same for the Three Persons and the Church. This is just the frosting on the cake because I have 16 pages which proves even without this revelation that the Lord will come back on Pentecost Sunday. For my booklet.Send. $5.00

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