Presidential Transition Team Suggestions

card_160120_transition-guideImplement a Border crossing fee to pay for the Mexican U.S. wall

A Practical Solution to the Israeli Palestine Conflict

The proposal I’m making is to make a NEW COUNTRY out of the three different States of Gaza, the West Bank and Israel. It would be fashioned like the United States of America.  This United States of Israel and Palestinian  States, would draw up a new constitution, a federal flag, with each state adopting their own flag and the religion they chose to follow and go from there.
The only way I can think of, to solve the Jerusalem problem, would be to make it an international city controlled by the New Federal Country.
As for the Golan Heights, This could be returned back over to Syria over an agreed upon period of time. Hopefully we could get the United Nations to occupy the area during this negotiated  allocated time.

A way out of the Syrian problem
Try to get President Bashar Assad to agree to adopt National elections with the option that he will be allowed to run as a candidate.

Cheap energy will help stimulate the economy. Increase the production of fossil fuels as we continue to develop cleaner energy methods.

The government needs to step in to help with affordable housing with first time buyers.

Middle East
The Sunnis are the problem not the Shiites. In Iraq the Sunnis need help in employment which was denied them after the war. Although some changes have been made since then.

One way to help stop abortions is to offer financial support for the birth of babies to those who don’t wish to have them and these parents would have to give up the babies for adoption. A fee could be placed by the adoption agency to help pay for the medical expenses.

Illegal Immigrants
Each case should be based on merit. Those who ave shown to be productive members of society should be allowed to stay.

Bring back the business lunch tax write off the way it was before President Clinton changed it.

These are some of the most urgent matters that need to be address besides employment opportunities

Good Luck President Trump

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