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images-18The Electoral College & the Liberal Bigots
In response to Edwen Chemerinsky Breeze 11-17-16

Changed title to: Liberal policies defy our founding principles

One of the main reasons we kept the Electoral college that still matters is to give extremely small states some say in the election. Today if we were to go by the popular vote the 12 to 15 most populated states could dominate any national election. That’s one third of the States could rule the country.
The Liberal Bigots who cry foul over, gay rights, abortion, racism were silent when the people of California voted down gay marriage twice only to get overturned by the courts. Those seeking abortion can be provided with free medical deliveries & the baby goes to an adoption agency. As for racism, the whites are just short of being a minority and most of  those WHITES that caused Hillary’s defeat were Bernie Sanders DEMOCRATS,  which everyone is sweeping under the rug.
The problem with Liberal Bigots, they want a Democracy that fits there opinions not those of Our Founding Fathers. Sorry, this is still, the United States of America.