Mom told me,”I was born with Two Horns”

joe and friendMy parents came from Sicily and settled near the Boston area of Lynn Massachusetts. My name Saraceno is a common name. The Saraceno name comes from the Saracens which were Muslim, Arabs who conquered Sicily many centuries ago along with the Greeks and Spanish.
I was the fourth of six children born in America and by then English was being spoken more so than Sicilian.
I was a bigger problem than the first three. And all three of my brothers graduated high school and were altar servers but me. I broke the record for the most absentees and tardiness in grammar school and stood back twice. So occasionally Mom would set me down, put a bowl of olive oil on the top of my head and say some prayers and remind me that I was “born with two horns.”  You know that little circle you have on the top back of your head your born with. Well I had two, hence I was born with two horns. Ha.
Since two horns are usually depicted with the devil I began to wonder if I was possessed.
Italians also have what Americans do with one finger is a two finger salute. Mom told me that originally meant, “May the devil be upon you.” Later cuss words were added.

While I was serving in the Army my family moved to Los Angeles California, so after my tour of duty I joined them here and been here ever since. Once married in 1960 I found myself right in the middle of a disobedient revolution. In came the Vietnam protesters, draft dodgers, follow by the peace-necks, hippies, flower children, then the marijuana, LSD, alcoholics, followed by the mini skirt and topless bars. Then the shootings of president Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martian Luther King and Governor Wallace of Alabama.. These events where many Catholics were participating in immorality caused me to design a banner depicting Apocalypse 12, Our Lady standing on the moon clothed with the sun with the church fleeing into the wilderness. You can see what it looked like on my web site only it was our lady of Fatima which I used for the first banner followed by our lady of Guadalupe. All these are photo imposed.
I was building my Marian Army’s, Ha.

It wasn’t exactly a good environment to raise children in and In Rome they were having a ecumenical council and because I worked on Sunday’s, (Bakery worker) I didn’t get the inside goings on of the council. However I managed to join up with the Padre Pio Rosary group out of San Conrado Church which held their first Saturday Rosary at the Queen of Angels Church in downtown Los Angeles. I also happened to buy a Papal Edition of the Douay Rheims Bible. It was loaded with Church teaching, Catholic names and a small Catholic encyclopedia in the back of the book. My Biblical studies and readings help me during these difficult times.

In and around 1965 I managed a job change and was now free to attend Sunday Mass at my local church, St. Joseph’s in Hawthorne, CA. It was a little upsetting seeing some women coming to Church wearing a mini skirts and other things that need not be mentioned here. Then one Sunday in January, 1968, came an announcement that a speaker,  Frances Schuckardt, who was the Secretary of the Blue Army was going to have a lecture here in the Church hall on the 25th (St.Paul’s conversion day) on the Fatima apparitions. The Fatima apparitions had been talked about when I was a kid, being born on May 13 and the difficult times we were living in compiled me to go. I was impressed with Francis’s lecture so after it was over I introduced myself and gave him my name and address. Then in May I got a flyer on a weekend seminar and lecture in July on “Questioning the validity of the English Mass,” and the coming changes that were coming in the Church as a result of Vatican Council II. I can’t remember who all the speakers were but Father Lawrence Brey, Francis Schuckardt and maybe Patrick Omlor who wrote the book. It was after this seminar that made me realize the relationship of the Vatican II Council and the Great Apostasy with the Church fleeing into the wilderness in Apocalypse 12. This gave my banner more meaning than previously thought. I see myself now becoming involved in the greatest event in the history of the church. The worst Catholic in the family, now becomes a Horn of Salvation for the Church.
My knowledge of the Bible, AntiChrist books, Adult Church classes and the Vatican II popes lead me to write, “The Two Horns of AntiChrist.” Basically it comes from the popes being prophets, (priests and doctors.) and by these Vatican II popes who took two names of previous popes gave them two horns. You can find my article  and others on my web site.

Most of you are aware and for those that are not, I have given Catholics 17 or more mysteries of the faith over the last 40 years or so. The first few mysteries were, that Christ would come back on Pentecost Sunday and that the general judgment takes a week. Paul VI brought us into the Great Apostasy, that there was more than one AntiChrists during the Great Apostasy. At this time I was beginning to wonder who I was. The Graces kept coming which lead my to believe that I had to be someone? Important, no?
So with a little bit of hind sight and logic I reasoned I must be one of the two witnesses of the Apocalypse . O.K. which one? You have to remember that the Church has referred to these two as Enoch and Elias. Since Enoch was married then I must reflect him. I can’t say who I think who the other one is but he would naturally be a reflection of Elias. I’ll settle for one horn but Mom said I had two. And you know, Mom’s are always right. I helped motivate Francis Schuckardt in the sede vacantist movement with my Scriptural findings and the more traditional priests I met the more I found myself explaining the faith to them. Trust me, I was puzzled over this myself. Gifts of the Holy Ghost was my only answer. Then about 25 years ago I got this signal Grace from the Lord asking me to be His Father. At first I wasn’t sure I was getting the right message here. So I said to myself, very few accept my as a prophet and now I have to tell them I’m GOD’S Father, ha. In thinking of the other two Joseph’s, I figured, hey, go to bed and sleep on it. Well it worked the next morning I knew what He was telling me. You see every priest is a Jesus and since we have no pope, He was telling me to be the Father of the priests. As it was I was acting like one of authority anyway.  I have one more surprise for everyone but for now, I’ll stick with Mom and my two horns,  Thank you Mom. Ha ha ha.

Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph

Note, John the Baptist and Jesus were the two witnesses and the two scapegoats before the mercy seat in the transition from the old to the new. John represented the people and Jesus the spouse of the Church.
This also is the reason we say the Confiteor twice at the beginning of Mass, the priest says it for the sins of the religious and the altar boys say it for the sins of the people .

See my web site on John the Baptist June 24 in Church teaching.  The Two Horns of AntiChrist. April 8th.