Why President Rivlin supports Israeli-Palestinian confederation

510423306On the eve of the Passover holiday, effusive holiday greetings from a senior Fatah official landed in the inboxes of Israeli peace activists. In the April 21 email, Fatah Central Committee member Mohammed al-Madani hoped, “On this festival of freedom, the Palestinian people will also get to realize their freedom and we will establish our state next to the State of Israel and peace will reign in our region.” Madani, who also heads the Committee for Interaction with Israeli Society, signed off, “And let us say Amen.” Unfortunately, the Israelis who are authorized to say “Amen” to his prayer of peace and to make it a reality are the ones who worship land. Ahead of the Jewish holidays, they usually show their respect for Madani and his friends by imposing a closure on the West Bank and its Palestinian residents. MORE