Bergoglio’s Extraordinary Anti-synod on the Family

topic-e1436539679605February 3, 2016 – St. Blaise, Bishop & Martyr
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Gutless Newcardinal Waited until after His Retirement
To Spill the Beans about Francis-Bergoglio’s Cunning Future Plan
From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Newcardinal Andre Leonard Waited until after His Retirement To Make a Devastating Revelation against Francis-Bergoglio’s Future Plan Bergoglio’s Extraordinary Anti-synod on the Family (2015) Is Now Being Written up in Deliberately Ambiguous Verbiage To Permit the Welcoming of Unrepentant Sodomites and Bigamists — The Same “Time-bomb” Technique Used by the Notorious Vatican II Anti-Council To Destroy the Catholic Mass in Newchurch

Following the typical gutless pattern of post-Vatican II Newprelates, Andre Leonard, former Primate of Belgium, waited until he retired at 75 and couldn’t be fired to speak out against Francis-Bergoglio’s Extraordinary Anti-synod on the Family (October 2015). Leonard now says that the Anti-synod’s final document was “very risky.” It opened the door to “welcoming” into Newchurch unrepentant and still-practicing homosexuals and the anti-Biblical practice of allowing divorced and illegally remarried bigamists to munch on the Novus Ordo cookie and swill the Novus Ordo Kool-Aid.

Newcardinal Leonard revealed that Francis-Bergoglio’s Anti-synod practiced the same fraud in its final document as the notorious Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965). The Newbishops who wrote the final document deliberately formulated the propositions in ambiguous verbiage, in order to leave them open to interpretation in different directions. It is expected that when Bergoglio’s own “Apostolic Exhortation” on the Anti-synod is released, probably in late March 2016, he will interpret the verbiage in an anti-Catholic way.

Vatican II was famous for planting what were called “time-bombs” in its documents, in order that the Newbishops there would think that they were voting in a traditional way, whereas in fact the wording was ambiguous and was interpreted in an heretical way after the Anti-council by its follow-up committees. The most obvious example was the Freemason Hannibal Bugnini’s follow-up committee on the liturgy, which in Newchurch turned the Catholic Mass into an invalid New Order Mess based upon Protestant models.

Newcardinal Leonard also warned of the coming disaster that will result from the Anti-synod’s delegating more power to the Newbishops Conferences in the various nations. This concept was an innovation of the Protestant Deformation and was used by the arch-heretic Martin Luther to dissolve the central authority at Rome. Vatican II utilized this text to destroy the Catholic Mass, once unified in Latin throughout the world, but now simulated in every vulgar tongue around the world in its invalid Novus Ordo form, i.e., Benedict-Ratzinger’s “Ordinary Form.” [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the French weekly Famille chrétienne.]

True Catholics, Newchurch has learned well the heretical techniques developed at the Vatican II Anti-council. Francis-Bergoglio cunningly applied them to his Extraordinary Synod of 2015, in order that, just as Vatican II destroyed the Catholic Mass in Newchurch, he could destroy in Newchurch bedrock Christian and Catholic teaching on the family. The Enemy could not have found a more malicious agent than the Marxist Newpope, whom all too many clueless anti-Catholic Newchurchers idolatrously continue to worship as a demigod.