Venus And Jupiter Will Appear To Merge And Form A “Double Star” Tonight

XpMew0zTonight, two astronomical objects are destined to meet: The planet named after the Goddess of love, Venus, and the planet named after the God of Thunder, Jupiter. On Earth, they will appear so close together that they will look like a dramatic “double star.”

These two planets have been gradually approaching each other for the last few weeks, creeping toward their closest point: 1/3° apart. That’s close enough to be able to cover them with the tip of your pinky finger with an outstretched arm. In reality, they will be around 670 million kilometers (416 million miles) apart in space.

The planets will also look like they’re of a similar size, but Jupiter is actually the largest planet in our solar system and Venus is smaller than Earth. It is thanks to their relative distances that they appear to be of a similar size when peered at from Earth. MORE