VIDEO: MR. 666 – ‘I Will See You all in F****** Hell!’

jury_has_A man sporting two rows of horns implanted into his forehead and a ’666′ tattoo has been convicted of murdering three men and chopping up their bodies today.
Caius Veiovis screamed at the Springfield jury that convicted him Friday, saying: ‘I’ll see you all in hell every f****** one of you. I’ll see you all in hell.’

They had considered his case for the past week in Massachusetts. MORE


st-catherineFrom a spiritual perspective, decapitation of the Godhead and his tri-une reflective image on earth has been a consistent demonically inspired strategy throughout human history. By corrupting and breaking up the relationship and its underlying written principles between man and his creator, subsequently targeting Godly institutions such as holy matrimony, family structure, churches and government, the predominant corner stones of society have become increasingly weakened and ultimately scattered. MORE


Newly released data shows Florida hit with highest level of radioactive material from Fukushima

CTBTO_No_JapanMeasured anywhere in world outside Japan — #1 out of more than 1,500 test results — Total radioactive iodine was up to 500% of amount reported – According to remarks included with CTBTO data recently released by the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation, the total iodine-131 in the air was up to 500% of the amount shown. MORE

SOLUTION: Prayer is Stronger than the Atom Bomb MORE

VIDEO: ‘We thought we all were going to die’: Ash rains down on climbers as they flee erupting Japanese volcano

ashWalkers at the top of a Japanese volcano were forced to run for their lives after it started to erupt without warning yesterday, sending a cloud of ash and rock streaming down the mountainside.

Within seconds, the cloud covered an area more than two miles wide from the summit of Mount Ontake with witnesses claiming that visibility was reduced to zero. MORE