Fatima The Angel of Portugal and Communism

fatima angelI was doing a little cleaning of the many booklets that I have save over the years and I noticed this booklet called “The Angel of Portugal.” It was printed about 30 years or so by Mary Immaculate Queen Center, (CMRI) at the time in Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho. Now Spokane, Washington.There were a lot of things which affected my life through the years and just by the fact that I was born on May 13th naturally caused me much curiosity about the Fatima secret. After repenting my sins against God, I took up Bible study again and after I mastered it, I needed to test the Power of the Rosary which brought me to the Padre Pio Rosary Group in the downtown Los Angeles area. Naturally most there were devoted to Our lady of Fatima and Our Lady of Guadalupe. However, this was in the late 60’s and of course the secret (1960) was never made public. I noticed the relationship with, Our Lady of Guadalupe and Apocalypse 12, as with the Miraculous medal which I adopted after I got tired of changing and getting brown scapulars blessed every year.
One day I heard a priest mention that, ” even the Blessed Virgin Mary cannot offer up Mass.” or something to that effect. So, I wondered about whether an angel could offer Mass or as in the angel of Portugal, distribute the Holy Eucharist? So I asked an x priest who I happened to know, what his thoughts were on the matter. His answer was, “The angelic order is outside the human order and would question it.”  My thought on that was, question it with whom? Now as many of you who are aware that I voiced my concern that many of the Traditional Catholic groups are using Our Lady of Fatima and her secret message to promote their own agenda. Just as the protestants do with their Bible.
Then a funny thing happened last week. I got hold of an SSPX bulletin and looking through it I noticed this article about “Communion in the Hand.” is a sacrilege.  “if thou hadst the purity of an Angel, and the sanctity of St. John the Baptist, thou wouldst not be worthy to receive or handle the Sacrament. For this is not due to any merits of men, that a man should consecrate and handle the Sacrament of Christ, and receive for his food the bread of angels. Great is this mystery, and great the dignity of priests, to whom that is given which is not granted to the angels.”   There source is given as (“Imitation of Christ, bk.4, c. 5)
Of course, I don’t know of any Traditional Catholic orders which give communion in the hand anyway.
One other thing is the fact that Our Lady of Fatima was not the first to warn us of the evils of Communism. Pope Pius IX did as early as 1846. In some ways this is kind of funny because Pope Pius IX tried to establish a democracy in Rome and it turned out to be disastrous.
Again, I’m in support of the devotions of Our Lady of Fatima but the Secrete is now obsolete as a result of the Vatican II Council, which of course took us into, “The Great Apostasy.”
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