Pope Francis tells Italian mafia to repent – VIDEO: Cocaine-Filled Condoms Mailed to the Vatican

condoms-ap(pope) Francis reprimanding the Mafia has been all over the news, but I thought I’d pass it up…until a friend of mine commented flippantly: ‘Have you heard that the pope told the Mafia that they’ll end up in Hell if they don’t repent? I wonder if they (the mobster/mafia) blackmailed the pope?’  ‘Lol. That would be an interesting strategy on his (popes) part,’ I said, and then left if like that.  But today came across this article: The drugs had been mailed from South America, and were bound for the Vatican post office, where any of the Vatican’s 800 citizens could have picked it up… INCLUDING the Pope. Well, there’s a 1/800 chance, at least. VIDEO