noah2SPOILER: Well, truth is stranger than fiction. I just saw a bunch of fiction that was unpredictably predictable. Yes a paradox. Noah a man of little vision. Just BASE with absolutely NO depth. A great man who became little within a micro-second, on top of that with OCD. He’s obsessed by saving the world from mankind by murdering the next generation by killing his own offspring. WHAT?

The watchers who are demonic, became tragic victims of humanity (like it’s our fault they showed mankind how to be horrific) I could barely swallow that but entertaining graphics.

Tubal-cain? Where did he come from? But made a solid bad guy – however, should have been taken by a wave! End of Tubal-cain, everyone applause’s.

Unfortunately it could have been an awesome movie instead of complete emptiness. According to the truth, Noah had depth, clarity, wisdom and spoke with God regularly. HE HAD A 1(800)#! Worked for 90+ years – all of his ‘boys got girls’ and the next generation continued in abundance. Would have made you feel great, instead of a shallow environmentalist, wacko 4th term abortionist, and a sequel with probable future incest. What a guy. He fits in real well with the 21st century!