Bibles removed from University of Wisconsin lodge

bibleThe Freedom From Religion Foundation isn’t objecting to bedbugs, nor is it objecting to stained bedsheets. But when it found out a lodge owned by the University of Wisconsin had Bibles in its rooms, all hell broke loose. “We atheists and agnostics do not appreciate paying high prices for lodging, only to find Gideon Bibles in our hotel rooms, sometimes prominently displayed, knowing they contain instructions, for instance, to kill ‘infidels’ and ‘blasphemers,’ among other primitive and dangerous teachings, LINK

Circumcision divide between Denmark and Israel

The Oratory Catechism states that, “Why the Church in the End Times will lack state protection.” # 733 – It means that Christians cannot count on any secular protection in the defense of their FAITH or in the face of persecution by enemies of the Faith.”   The blue laws the states had at one time were Christian laws. 85 % of the states did away with them. Joseph LINK