(pope) Francis..Stop using the 62 Missal

From a friend in India.

Dear Joseph:

From the recent directive of anti pope Francis I to the Franciscan Friars Immaculate of Strict Observance (see rorate-caeli.blogspot.com) to stop using the 1962 Missal from August 11, I see the start of an open persecution of traditional Catholics the world over leading to the suppression of Summorum Pontificum, and far beyond, much worse than in the days of Paul VI.



John, John, John:

They can’t persecute us sede vacantists anymore than what the Vatican II council did. It’s only the foolish Catholics who try to wheel and deal with the AntiChrists. Thank God for Francis. The fun and games are over. Maybe now the other Traditionalist will wise up, join up with us and help me bring Christ back. You do that by teaching what I preach. This is also a victory for the Jews because the 62 Missal prays for the conversion of the Jews on Good Friday. Ha. Jerusalem here we come.

In Christ Joseph