Dear Mr. Schindler:

Dear Mr. Schindler:                                                                                      July 29, 2013 St. Martha V
I’m sorry to disturb you but I find it only charitable to explain to you what the meaning of a Prophet is. You see a prophet is one who speaks in the place of God. Once Our Lord established the papacy the role of prophets was eliminated and given to the Popes. The popes have the triple crown of the major High priest, major prophet and doctor of the Church. As a prophet & doctor all popes have to carry Infallibility. In other words their can never be a major prophet in the world as long as you have a Pope.
However when Paul VI publicly enacted the heresies of the Vatican II council, followed by his rebuttal of the “Ottaviani Intervention,”  he became officially excommunicated which in turn broke the line of perpetual successors. As a result the triple crown was broken up into three parts. The ecclesiastical sede vacantists took the place of the High priest, I took the place of the prophet and the doctors became whomever exposed this truth of the sede vacantist position.
Now I don’t want to make this a long letter but CMRI was formed by Francis Schuckardt, Dennis Chicoine, myself and other principle players at the time. However it was I who told Francis and Dennis that Paul VI took us into the “Great Apostasy,” spoken of by St. Paul and that the end result would be the Second coming of Christ. Now both Francis and Dennis approved of these writings and I was allowed to discuss these issues openly but discretely on an individual basis and Father Radecki was aware of this. However after the change of leadership Father change his position and decided his own agenda on the future outcome of the church. I kept my identity as a prophet a secret, (for the most part, I informed my two visions to our superiors) but because a few of my so called friends complained to Father about these matters he decide to back them instead of me.
Now a prophet has to carry infallibility, so if your going to make judgment on me then I submit these 3 writings to you and you show me the errors of my way. Remember that the “Two horns of AntiChrist” were approved by Father Dennis. I have a Nihil Obstat on my “Day of the Lord,” booklet approved by many of the traditional Bishops & Fathers including Bishop McKenna. As you will see that I have enclosed 17 Mysteries of the faith that I have given Catholics over the last 42 years and to this day have not be refuted by anyone. Bishop Pivarunas has dodged the issue because of Father Dominic.
I leave you with these two quotes of church teachings. “Impugning the known truth and Envy at another’s spiritual good is a mortal sin against the Holy Ghost. I hope you have the charity to look at the facts before you make judgment on anyone. That’s the Catholic thing to do.
God bless, in Christ.
Joseph B. D. Saraceno
C.C. to the Fathers