Fr. Andrew M. Greeley, RIP, and the Fatima Secret

The Rev. Andrew Greeley“Outspoken Catholic priest, sociologist and sometimes steamy novelist Andrew Greeley has died at age 85. His beloved Chicago Tribune has the most comprehensive account of his long career.” RNS

In his book, “The Making of the Popes,” 1978. Quoting Fr. Greeley
Later Saturday Night

I’m especially depressed by the gloom that seems to be gripping Rome this lovely October. The death of John Paul I was a terrible tragedy, but scarcley enough to account for the pessimism. Cardinal Ursi said earlier in the week that the next pope would have much to suffer. (Ha. JP-2 had a ball as pope until he got shot) Osservatore della Domenica has an article predicting a nuclear war during the regin of the next pope, a prediction based in part of St. Malachy (which responsible scholars consider a sixteen-century forgery) and partly on a very dubious text linked with the shrine of Fatima. (The Fatima “secret” at one time was supposed to be that the world was going to end in 1960. Indeed, I remember one affuent and pious Catholic matron at a New Year’s Eve party on December 31, 1959, suggesting that we enjoy the party because it would be the last one. The world wound end before the beginning of 1961. It Didn’t)
Osservatore della Domenica doesn’t normally fall back on pseudopropecies and private revelations to fill it’s pages. Maybe the pessimism is a curial manipulation, too. Still, I will confess that right now., although maybe it’s just fatigue, I feel very pessimistic indeed.

My commit on the above is how many people had accused me of date setting the end times when all I was doing was DAY SET the Day as Pentecost Sunday, but again the world really came to and end with the dawn of the Vatican II Council, we just haven’t had the funeral yet which is just down the road with the General Judgment. Go to my web site and research, “Apostasy & the Beast.” and Books & Traditional Sources.”

In Christ, Joseph
May 31, 2013  Our Lady’s Queenship day

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