Did divine intervention side with President Trump against Iran

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I say yes only because they could have negotiated with Trump and 5 years later, negotiate with the next president.
Also President Trump is protected by divine intervention as the false prophet who took the Rev. Billy Graham’s place. Only difference is, Trump is following and supporting his evangelistic supporters and Billy Graham joined up with AntiChrist John Paul II.  Both Francis & Trump are both pro Israel only Francis is liberal and Trump conservative.  Every coin has two sides.
In Christ, Joseph

Pastor Calls Impeachment A ‘Jew Coup,’

The problem is liberal Jews vs conservative Jews. And the fact that the Jews are the most powerful minority in the world. Jews can’t legally be liberal because it stands for a religion and a people. It’s just like a Christian being a liberal, then he should not call himself a Christian.

Jewish Twitter is erupting in anger over the latest incendiary video from an anti-Semitic website, this one asserting that the impeachment inquiry into President Trump was a “Jew coup.” MORE