“Vatican-Moscow Agreement” & St. Michael prayers after Mass The Angelus 1988

The Angelus ~ June 1988 ~ Vol,  XI, No. 6

Ask Me…
answers given by Father Carl Pulvermacher

Q. Could the “Vatican-Moscow Agreement”—as acknowledged by The Fatima Crusader magazine been the reason why Archbishop Lefebvre’s and the other 450 prelates’ petition for a Council condemnation of Communism was silenced? (R. R., Metairie, LA)

A. Most people know nothing of this “Vatican-Moscow Agreement.” Pope John’s legate, Cardinal Tisserant, and K.G.B. Patriarch Nikodim of Russia negotiated that Vatican II and Rome would not condemn Communism, in exchange for the Russian Orthodox sending delegates to the Council (Vat. II). In “Apologia I” by Michael Davies, Archbishop Lefebvre says (p. 151) “The Pastoral Council which brought together 2,350 Bishops said not a word, in spite of the 450 signatures of Fathers demanding a condemnation, which I myself took to Msgr. Felici, Secretary of the Council, together with Msgr. Sigaud, Archbishop of Diamantina.” Continue reading

Letter to Bishop Williamson

bishop-williamson-3Dear Bishop Williamson:                                                                 12-24-16 Christmas Eve

We met about 25 years ago. You were a priest and was substituting for Msgr. Charles Donahue at the Mission Maria Stella Maris chapel in San Pedro, California. It was the evening of the Immaculate Conception. A friend, Douglas Nardli introduced me to you after Mass and I told you of my findings that the Lord will come back on Pentecost Sunday. Your answer was that we have at least 200 years yet to go. Since then you have come down to about 60 years or lately I heard 25. Continue reading

SSPX supported the Cardinal Ottaviani Intervention


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What is wrong with the Novus Ordo Missae?

FAQ #5

The Novus Ordo Missae was introduced in April 1969 by Pope Paul VI. From the start, this new rite was intended to have an ecumenical nature as declared by its chief architect, Fr. Annibale Bugnini in 1965: Continue reading

Bishop B. Fellay on Independent Priests

TIA has received this Interpellation from Fr. Paul Sretenovic to be posted on our website. We believe that his courageous initiative should be known by our readers. The title and subtitles are ours. The Editor

People Commenting

Your Excellency Bishop Bernard Fellay,

As we prepare ourselves to enter into Lent, the most sorrowful period in the Church’s calendar, I want to express to you my own sorrow after hearing your sermon from the Feast of the Purification of Our Lady this past February the 2nd. MORE

What will happen when SSPX aligns itself with Rome

Muller-FrancisDear friends, here are a few revelations which will occur if SSPX align themselves with Rome. To read all of these transcripts go to this web site on the month of August…www.traditio.com

And what is a “personal prelature” in the Newchurch of the New Order? It is defined in Newcanons 294 to 297 of the anti-Catholic Novus Ordo 1983 Code. First of all, it is not a particular church that is equivalent to a Newdiocese under Canon 368. Secondly, it includes only clerics: it does not include laypeople. For example, it excludes monks, hermits, nuns, friars, and other religious brothers and sisters who are not deacons or presbyters. Religious and lay orders can be affiliated to the personal prelature, but they are not part of it. Lay associations can also be associated, but are not part of it either. Continue reading

SSPX: “No one knows and God does not want us to Know.”

pope-saint-gregory-the-great-01SSPX in Southern California gave this sermon on the 24th and last Sunday after Pentecost.
“NO one knows when the end will come and God does not wants us to know when it will happen.”

This sermon was given at their chapels in the Southern California area, no doubt given because of my thesis on Parousia.
However this is what they and most of the Fathers continue to ignore. But not for long, as the Lord is knocking at the door and AntiChrist Francis is going full steam ahead on the universal interfaith gospel The main hold out was the Russian Orthodox which Francis just solved recently.

The Catholic Church Does Not Teach, “No One Knows When the End Will Come.” Continue reading

One can be saved in any Religion, A.Bp. Lefebvre


Oops this would be the best statement for his book

The First Vatican Council taught that the Church does not deny the possibility of salvation of those earnest and sincere persons outside her fold who live and die in invincible ignorance of the true faith. (Sess. III, cp. iii).  The quote from the book, “Against the Heresies”, is simply a paraphrase of what the Council said.  Nothing in Archbishop Levebvre’s words conflicts with the traditional teachings of the Church.

Got this off face-book: Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre: “Souls can be saved in a religion other than the Catholic religion (Protestantism, Islam, Buddhism, etc…” Heresy
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Michael Angelo Lucero Osb: A lie

Vincent Ferrer No.: It is a direct quote from his book
“Against the Heresies” by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

Bishop Marcello Semeraro warning to SSPX

bishop_marcello1) The headquarters of the Society of Saint Pius X (FSSPX / SSPX) in Italy are located in the diocese of Albano, right outside Rome, near Castel Gandolfo.
2) Marcello Semeraro is not just any bishop. He is extremely close to Pope Francis, and is the only non-cardinal (with a secretarial and assistant position) in the most influential body in this pontificate, the Council of 8 Cardinals (now 9, with the Secretary of State), in charge of the reform of the Curia and of Church structures at large.
3) Bp. Semeraro is also the “media man” of the Italian Conference of Bishops (CEI) and main bishop with oversight of the Italian daily Avvenire, where this note was also published.
Suburbicarian Diocese of Albano

Is the Catholic Church on the Brink of a Schism?

Has (pope) Francis making the SSPX to go back towards their previous tough stand against the Heresy’s of the Vatican II council. I hope so as we don’t have a lot of time left to, “Get it straight with the Lord,” as His return is approaching at a rapid pace as we are coming down to the last few years.. In Christ, Joseph
Printed in “The Angelus”  Dec. 1991– Jan. 1992 Continue reading

Traditionalist Sit in No Man’s Land with the Papacy.


Corrected with my commentary in red.  Joseph

Neil Obstat said:  From a friend:
It is the rejecting of New-Rome or modernist
Rome or New-church Rome that’s the problem.

I am being careful, and Catholic.  
Traditionalists sit in no man’s land, accepting the pope and rejecting his authority at the same time.  It is a simple lie.  Not at all Catholic.  It is schism, period.  A mortal sin. Continue reading