Christ returns on Pentecost Sunday

At least Five of our early Bishops told me that there was nothing heretical on my findings that Christ would come back on Pentecost Sunday as long is I did not pick the exact year. This was in the 70’s. Later I realized my mistake in not getting it in writing. It took about 30 years to wise up. So, finally in the 90’s I start getting them. Here are a couple you may know, others in Europe but could not vouch for their orders.

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This years Testimonial General Judgment week and America Starts on May 23 this year

On my follow up on “Americans listed in the book of the Apocalypse.” Posted on my web site where I said I would explain later that all the living persons and some other revelations in the book of the Apocalypse have to do with America. In reading an article in the RNS, one of the writers stated that we have our first American pope. Hence, I thought to myself, hey, that would also make him the first American, “AntiChrist.”  Remember I had the first and Main False prophet in the Apocalypse as the Rev Billy Graham, who was succeeded by President Trump and now, St Joseph Biden. Remember every coin has two sides but still the same coin. WE’RE ALL  Americans. The Church takes refuge in the United States Apoc. 12:!4. The Eagle is the symbol of the U.S. here. The white pebble as Bishop Pivarunas, an American. 2:17. I’m an American and I give everyone all of these mysteries including the day and week of the general judgment,  the other witness is an American but I’m not revealing who he is. I’ll let God do that. Amen.  There is one more person that does the census of the faithful, measuring of the Temple who could be an American Priest who would have to also be an American, not revealed yet.

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Easter Message from Joseph

My dear friends, as we go more deeply into the Easter Season we must continue to recollect that the Catholic Church is a Religion of Facts and the Truths of Faith. This web site below was formed with these category’s that define these Truths.

The Easter Message starts with Christ death and Resurrection then continues with the opening of Heaven on Ascension Thursday, but the Church is not complete until it receives the Holy Ghost on Pentecost Sunday. And so it will be till the end of time when on that last Pentecost Sunday, or late Saturday night.  (depending where you are in the world), when we will have God’s Testimony accounting of all the people in the world of those who went to Heaven and those others who will go back to Hell with these who are being judged during this week. (Pentecost Sunday to the eve of Trinity Sunday.)

And so my friends we must accept this Apocalyptic suffering God is giving us and offer them up to Him as an example of the true members of the Faith which in turn proves us worthy to be called, “Sons of God.”
May God bless you, in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost and remain with you until you leave this world hopefully in a state of Grace.
In Christ, Joseph B.D. Saraceno