Don’t give up. Keep calling, email or write your political leaders in DC for Toll Booths at the Mexican Canada Borders

Toll Booths at the Mexican Canada Borders.  The Government is closed for President Day

Effective enforcement and security at the borders, ” Referring to these expenses and it’s budget. Recommending we put in toll booths to pay for these expenses and take it away from the tax payers. Over 200,000 cars cross the Mexican U.S. border per day. Not counting Trucks buses etc.  At $2.00 per car, that’s $400,000 dollars a day. Add Canada. This would pay for our border expenses and eventually become income. Think of other jobs created from it. It costs $7.00 just to go over the Golden Gate Bridge. Hello!
Here is the White house phone number. Call twice, once for the President and the other for the Vice President.  202-456-1111  If you want to call the Secretary of State as well, here is his number 202-647-6575