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Vol 11 Issue 30 ~ Editor: Rev. Fr. Courtney Edward Krier
July 28, 2018 ~ Saints Nazarius & Companions, opn!

  1. What is the Sacrament of Confirmation
  2. Tenth Sunday after Pentecost
  3. Saint Martha
  4. Family and Marriage
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Dear Reader:

One of our readers asked a question about the commentary two weeks ago that should be answered: You wrote . . . :  “Adam, as head of the human race, chose to reject God knowing it would be the cause of death spiritually and physically for himself and all posterity.” I can’t recall any other writings that say Adam knew the effect of his sin would pass to all his posterity, and for my own information I’m just wondering if you can provide me with a reference source.  Thank you! Continue reading

Explaining Sede Vacante & Sede Vacant-ism Anti-Popes & AntiChrists

Impugning the known truth is a mortal sin against the Holy Ghost

The definition of Sede Vacante is not defined correctly. It is an adopted word to explain an empty chair as a result of a death or resignation of a pope. The problem with this definition alludes to the state of the church to be headless.  Our Lord said “Thou art Peter . . . . and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.”  This implies that no matter what happens to the pope there will always be someone to act in the place of the pope who will run the church until another pope is elected. Hence we have the term “perpetual successors”. The Church has always taught that St. Peter’s successors to be in an unending, an unbroken chain. So up until the Vatican II Council, there has never been a break in the line of successors (Vatican Council I).What I wish to state is up until the Vatican II Council, the proper understanding of Sede Vacante is really Sede Transition for, as I pointed out, the Church is never without its delegated authority. Continue reading

W.F. Strojie Letter No. 82 December 8, 1985

The Final Chapter

. . . written by Pope St. Pius X

It is more than twenty-five years since we were startled by strange and unsettling pronouncements from Rome. We were now to have a “dialogue” with the leaders of hundreds of erring sects. A liturgy for all in common was proposed at the first session of the Council. No objection was made by pope or bishops. Radical changes in the Mass and in the forms of the Sacraments followed, and in the teaching manuals. The infallible, the indefectible Church had admitted herself to have been mistaken in past centuries. The bishops and parish priests said, “Nothing essential is being changed.” Was a greater lie ever spoken… Continue reading

Trump Officially Proposes Merging US Departments of Education, Labor

This will need Congressional Approval

President Donald Trump wants to combine the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Labor into a single agency focused on workforce readiness and career development.

But the plan, which was announced during a cabinet meeting Thursday, will need congressional approval. That’s likely to be a tough lift. Similar efforts to scrap the nearly 40-year-old education department or combine it with another agency have fallen flat. MORE

VIDEO: Israel passes divisive law declaring only Jews have right to ‘national

Ironic that the Jews have done what Hitler did in Germany. The master race is a concept in Nazi and Neo-Nazi ideology in which the Nordic or Aryan races are superior.

Israel’s parliament has passed a divisive law declaring that only Jews have the right to “national self-determination” in Israel, prompting angry accusations from Arab citizens that the government is formally codifying racism. MORE