Does the Bible Teach that the Earth is Flat? Answers in Genesis

There are many statues & Visions dating over a thousand years of Our Lord holding a globe world in His hands.
And why are all the other planets spherical except Earth? I think the sun is a dead-giveaway.

Cannot find a Catholic answer to the problem. This one is very professional.

This misconception is easily traced to the writings of two late nineteenth-century skeptics, John William Draper and Andrew Dickson White, who invented the conflict thesis. The conflict thesis holds that religion in general, and Christianity in particular, held back progress. MORE

A Statue of Fra Junipero Serra Vandalized Trash

As Radical Leftist factions in the United States conduct their desecration of historic statuary and monuments, their vendetta is now extending to religious statues. It is now not only the great figures of the Confederacy that are being attacked, but Catholic religious figures. The first victim was Fra Junipero Serra, the (traditional) Catholic Franciscan who brought the Catholic Faith to the Spaniards and Indians in Alta California by establishing there a chain of 21 Catholic Missions. For further information, click on the TRADITIO Network’s Holy Cards, California Missions & Stations of the Crossdepartment in the section “Catholic Missions.”

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