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Vol 10 Issue 24 ~ Editor: Rev. Fr. Courtney Edward Krier
June 17, 2017 ~ Our Lady on Saturday
1. Is the Chair of Peter Vacant? An Argument for Sedevacantism
2. Trinity Sunday
3. Saint Ephraim
4. Family and Marriage
5. Articles and notices
Dear Reader:

Avoiding negativity was one of the calls of changing the Catholic Church during the Second Vatican Council. Continue reading

Why are Traditionalists in Denial of Reality?

 6-15-17  Corpus Christi
But you ask, aren’t we the members of the true faith? The light of the world, who cannot be mislead or deceived?  My friends, Satan is laughing all the way to the Bank. Traditionalist are more divided or confused now than they were 45 years ago. Just look at the split now occurring in the SSPX group.  Even the Sede Vacantists are Sede Vacantists without an AntiChrist and how in the world will the consecration of Russia reverse Vatican Council II?  When Pope John XXIII called the council he stated that he wanted to bring the Christian Religions together, however he really meant ALL of the religions together. By the way, you will find Pope John XXIII in the book of the Apocalypse chapter IX.

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VIDEO: London Fire: Muslims Beginning Ramadan Fast May Have Saved Lives In Grenfell Tower

Muslims who were awake because they were beginning their Ramadan fast “saved people’s lives” when a deadly blaze broke out at a west London tower block, HuffPost UK has been told.

At least 50 people have been taken to five hospitals for treatment as hundreds of residents in the 27-storey, 120 flat, Grenfell Tower in north Kensington have been evacuated from their flats in the building that caught fire just after 1.15am. MORE

The United Methodist Church has appointed a transgender deacon

The bishop spoke the traditional words as she placed her hands on the new deacon named M with just a slight difference from the way those words have always been spoken before.

“Pour out your Holy Spirit upon M,” the bishop said. “Send them now to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, to announce the reign of God and to equip the church for ministry.”

Not “send him now” or “send her now.” “Send them now.” MORE

Religious ritual 1, chickens 0

People participate in the Jewish religious holiday of Kaporos in the Brooklyn borough of New York City, on Oct. 9, 2016. Photo courtesy of Reuters/Stephanie Keith


A group seeking to end the ritual slaughter of thousands of chickens in New York City’s Brooklyn borough has suffered a legal setback.

The Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos asked the New York state courts to order local police to enforce public nuisance, safety and health codes to prevent Orthodox Jews from engaging in “kaporot,” the annual ritual slaughter of barnyard chickens. MORE

Newchurch Desecrates Fatima Shrine with the Homosexual Colors Fatima Can Have Nothing to Do with the False Newchurch

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

For those who are devotees of Fatima, Newchurch has now committed the ultimate desecration, adoring the pillars of the Fatima Shrine for the otherwise sacred Feast of Pentecost with the homosexual colors that promote sodomy, which the Bible, and so the Catholic Church, teaches is one of the Four Sins that Cry out to God for Retribution. This desecration on the part of Francis-Bergoglio’s New Order sect, which is definitely not Catholic, must be the last straw for the devotees of Fatima, who, if henceforth they associate with the Newchurch of the New Order, must be called blasphemous “Fatimites” because they are openly blaspheming Our Lady, whom they falsely purport to venerate.

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Judge Roy Moore

Patriot, I’m Judge Roy Moore.  
You probably know me as “The Ten Commandments Judge.”
But today I’m writing you as a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in the upcoming August 15 Republican Primary.
As the first U.S. Senate race since President Trump rocked the political establishment back in November, most pundits are calling this the most important special election of the year.

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Insight into the Catholic Faith presents the Catholic Tradition Newsletter

Vol 10 Issue 23  ~ Editor: Rev. Fr. Courtney Edward Krier
June 10, 2017 ~ Ember Saturday in Summer
1. Is the Chair of Peter Vacant? An Argument for Sedevacantism
2. Trinity Sunday
3. Saint Barnabas
4. Family and Marriage
5. Articles and notices
Dear Reader:

Ember Saturday, as has been said many times before, is the day normally set aside for the ordination of priests along with the orders that lead up to the priesthood. Continue reading

U.K. diocese tells Catholics how to venerate pagan ‘deities’

SHEFFIELD, U.K., June 6, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — A Catholic diocese in the U.K. is encouraging Catholics visiting pagan shrines to “bow” to pagan images and to eat food “blessed” in pagan rituals in the spirit of “ecumenism” and “dialogue.”

In its guidelines for visiting pagan shrines (click on Ecumenism & Interfaith), the Catholic Diocese of Hallam run by Bishop Ralph Heskett, encourages Catholics to bring flowers to Buddha, bow to the Hindu murtis (image of the deities), and bow to the Sikh holy book. Catholics are also encouraged to eat the food offered to them that has been “blessed” in Hindu and Sikh rituals.  MORE

We were Created, Redeemed and the World ends with a Full-Moon

As I continually point out every-year the sequence of events pertaining God’s Creation of the world, (Ex: 12) His Redemptive act and the final Testimonial Judgment week all happen under a Full-Moon.
Adam was created under the Spring Passover Full-Moon. Christ Redeemed us under the Spring Passover Full-Moon and the final Testimonial , Judgment week starts on Pentecost Sunday and ends on the eve of Trinity Sunday, with a Full-Moon. (1)
 Here you have it my friends. God even puts a little Humor in it all by having the Gospel for Trinity Sunday tell us we all left for Heaven and Hell last night by saying. “I will be with you till the End of the World.”
He warns us from the very beginning of His Creation, in Psalms 88:37, ” His posterity shall continue forever, and his throne shall be like the sun before me; Like the Moon, which remains forever a  FAITHFUL WITNESS in the sky.”
So now my friends, you need not worry about the General Judgment Day till next year. The Great Chastisement should take place during Lenten Tide. A sign in the Heavens of a Cross should warn us but I don’t know if all will see it.
Grace be with you, in Christ, Parousia Joseph
(1) My booklet, “The Day of the Lord & the Signs of His Coming.”

Ontario Passes Law Allowing Gov’t to Seize Children From Parents Who Oppose Gender Transition

The so-called Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act of 2017, or Bill 89, was approved by a vote of 63 to 23, according to The Christian Times.

It requires child protection, foster, adoption service providers, and judges to take into account and respect a child’s “race, ancestry, place of origin, color, ethnic origin, citizenship, family diversity, disability, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.” MORE