showimage“It hasn’t begun to sink in that everything is gone. I am still in that space where I am grateful that everyone is alive and no one was hurt,” she said.

On Wednesday night, she and her husband, Ohad, had left their home in the Talmon settlement in the Binyamin region of the West Bank to go to a bat mitzva in Petah Tikva, about 40 minutes away. MORE

Abortion among Excommunication Penalties

img_0233Before Vatican Council II the Church Taught

Excommunication. A penalty imposed by the Church on a sinner in order to bring about his correction and amendment. It consists of the exclusion of the sinner from the communion of the faithful with certain legal effects, including the loss of his right to assist at divine services, exclusion from all the sacraments, Continue reading

Satan Taking Multitudes Captive To Destroy and Damn

c074dox56533or6g50Here is a protestant minister who sees the light.

The church world as a whole has been captured by evil spirits to almost the same degree as the secular world.

This bondage by the antichrist spirit world has reached a level that guarantees God’s judgment must be at hand. Remember those words of our Lord in St. Matthew chapter twenty-four, “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” (Matthew 24: 12-13) The level of deception is so intent and even beyond the discernment in the church that survival is scary. Men and women that have been “rocks” of spiritual courage are being deceived. Many are wondering if the church can survive. Our enemies are declaring the end of Biblical Christianity. MORE

Kennedy’s Assassination, and Lee Harvey Oswald more Facts.

la-nismedley-1479780578-snap-photoRemember God is always the main factor in a death. In this case because of the sinful behavior of the Catholic society at the time God allowed Kennedy to be killed and I’m a witness to this fact. I also question his liking Kennedy,(as stated below) since he was in defense of Cuba, was well known.

In the hours after the Kennedy assassination, after Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit and was identified as the president’s assassin, a Secret Service officer named Mike Howard was dispatched to Oswald’s apartment. Howard found a little green address book, and on its 17th page under the heading “I WILL KILL” MORE

Bolivia declares emergency due to water shortage

bolivia-declares-emergency-due-to-water-shortageLA PAZ, Bolivia, Nov. 22 (UPI) — Bolivian President Evo Morales declared a national emergency due to a water shortage brought about by a severe drought.

Morales said Bolivians must “work together to address the problems of global warming.”

“I convened the emergency Cabinet to treat the issue of the supply of the water in cities that face this problem,” Morales said in a statement on Monday. “We declare a national emergency facing drought. Mayors and governors can use resources to cope with the climatic phenomenon.” MORE

Abortion just another SIN? – This is something I got from India.

priest-confession-690x450According to Indian newspapers of today, Bergoglio has given his own “priests” the power to absolve persons guilty of abortion. So, in his own sinister way, he is telling Fellay at the same time that his priests can continue to hear confessions validly in order to forgive such persons guilty of abortion.

To ensure no opposition to his program, Bergoglio disbanded the Pro Life Congregation (Family committee at the Bishops conference was pro-life) of all its members two days ago to leave him free to pick anti-Life members. This man is Satan.

So now abortion is just another sin now? You can have as many abortions as you want and still be forgiven? – Before the priest had to seek the Bishop to get permission, but SSPX does not have Bishops near by.  So I guess they would have to call them on the phone?  What about murder?
In Christ, Joseph

California Allows Illegal Immigrants To Vote

download-1There is a rumor going around that at least 3 million registered voters are Illegal Immigrants and that Hillary’s popular majority’s vote are non American citizens. This is beings denied by many groups but as you can see that here in California we have 2.6 million and they are allowed to vote if they have a drivers license. Now add that to the other states that have the same law, it certainly is quite possible that Hillary’s majority vote come from those non citizens that voted. Here is two sources.
Napolitano: California To Allow Illegal Immigrants To Vote For The …

Illegal Immigration Statistics in California –

Phony Catholic priest sentenced again to jail in Los Angeles: ‘You can’t go into a church and pretend’

98downloadLOS ANGELES — A man who was convicted of posing as a Roman Catholic priest and selling bogus trips to see Pope Francis returned to court on Friday after investigators discovered that once out of jail, he resumed trying to pass himself off as a man of the cloth.

Erwin Mena, the judge said, was back to doing the same thing he wasn’t supposed to be doing.

Mena, 60, had been convicted in February of grand theft in connection with his scheme to sell fake trips to see the pontiff and he got out of jail in July. LAPD Det. Gary Guevara said he arrested Mena on Nov. 2 after confirming he posed as a priest at a church in the Arts District. MORE

A giant reservoir that supplies a California county’s drinking water is nearly empty

97downloadLAKE CACHUMA, Calif. — At the marina Monty Keller manages amid sloping mountains here, business is down by half. For hours every workday, he stares sadly at the reason.

Lake Cachuma, a giant reservoir built to hold Santa Barbara County’s drinking water, has all but vanished in California’s historic drought. It reached an all-time low this summer — 7 percent capacity, which left a thick beige watermark that circles the hills framing the lake like an enormous bathtub ring. “We’re just amazed,” Keller said. MORE

Drought: 100 Million Trees Dead in CA

dead-trees-flickrusfs-640x480Results of a new U.S. Forest Service aerial survey revealed that, since 2010, more than 102 million trees have died in a 7.7 million acre swath of California forest land, and the culprit is drought.

That’s not the end to it, according to a Friday Forest Service release. “In 2016 alone, 62 million trees have died, representing more than a 100 percent increase in dead trees across the state from 2015. Millions of additional trees are weakened and expected to die in the coming months and years.” MORE

Insight into the Catholic Faith presents ~ Catholic Tradition Newsletter

Vol 9 Issue 50 ~ Editor: Rev. Fr. Courtney Edward Krier
November 19, 2016 ~ Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, opn!

1. Baptism: Means of Salvation (95)
2. Last Sunday after Pentecost
3. Saint Mechtild
4. Family and Marriage
5. Articles and notices

Dear Reader:

As the liturgical year comes to a close it was another year God gave us to prepare for His Coming. We know that Christ will come to judge us in our particular judgement at the moment of death; Continue reading