President Reuven Rivlin Speech to E.U. Parliament

REVEGreat Speech.  I still believe a one country with three states is better than a two state solution.

Following is the full text of Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin’s  address to the European Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday  June 22

A mere four hours, that is the flight time from Tel-Aviv to Brussels. I could say that four hours, and light years, separate Brussels and Tel-Aviv, but in truth there is not much difference between them, be it in awareness or in essence: two cosmopolitan cities, practically neighbors, not far from each other, both recently struck by a wave of terrorism. MORE

Parishioners hold prayer vigil in hopes of keeping Roseland church open

Parishioners hold prayerIn the months since parishioners of St. Thaddeus Catholic Church were informed that the Archdiocese of Chicago had plans to close their place of worship, the members have turned to prayer and an online petition in hopes of keeping the doors of the historic church open.

Before Sunday morning Mass, about two dozen parishioners gathered in a circle outside the Far South Side church. The group held hands and sang hymns, recited the Lord’s Prayer and recounted their memories at the Roseland church, which was specifically built for black Catholics in 1959 at a time when minorities weren’t welcome in some congregations. MORE

6,726 Syrian Refugees Admitted to U.S. So Far in FY16–But Only 23 Are Christians

REFEWith ten weeks to go until the end of the fiscal year, the Obama administration continues to admit Syrian refugees at an accelerated pace, and has now exceeded two-thirds of President Obama’s target of 10,000 by September 30.

The proportion of Christians among those resettled continues to languish below half of one percent, while other non-Sunnis account for just over one percent.

As of Monday, 1,515 Syrian refugees fleeing the civil war in their homeland had been admitted since the beginning of July, and a total of 6,726 since FY 2016 began on October 1, according to State Department Refugee Processing Center data. MORE

The one main reason for the turn around toward bad Popes.

Was Julian the Apostate the last Roman ruler who tried to rid the Western world of Christianity?
Julian the Caesar Augustus after Constantine, tried to reverse Constantine’s approval of Christianity, by restoring the temples of the old Gods and stripping lands the Christian priests owned. As a result the Catholic countries, Rome, Milan, Florence, Sicily to name a few, now had no protection from the State and as a result had to form their own Armies. In the case of Rome the pope would generally appoint a relative as a Cardinal and put him in charge of the army (Not all Cardinals were priests then).

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Drug, alcohol addictions have strong biological basis

drug-addiction-120202Dear Dr. K: My brother has struggled with addiction for years. I’ve told my husband that addiction is a disease, but he claims my brother is weak and lacks willpower. Is he right?

Dear Reader: There is a lot of stigma and shame associated with addiction. But the truth is, people with substance-use disorders aren’t simply weak or immoral. It surely is true that people who try out illegal addictive drugs for recreational purposes are breaking the law. In my opinion, they also are doing something profoundly stupid. But they’re often teens, who tend to do a lot of stupid, impulsive things. Moreover, many people who become addicted to legal drugs were started on those drugs by their doctors. MORE

Insight into the Catholic Faith presents ~ Catholic Tradition Newsletter

Show GirlsVol 9 Issue 29 ~ Editor: Rev. Fr. Courtney Edward Krier
July 23, 2016 ~ St. Apollinaris, opn!

1. Baptism: Means of Salvation (78)
2. Tenth Sunday after Pentecost
3. Saint Francis Solano
4. Christ in the Home (52)
5. Articles and notices

Dear Reader:

Living in Las Vegas, in fact, in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas on the very edge of the Entertainment district,  Continue reading

AUDIO:1-3 Americans Lose sleep over money problems

shutterstock_293777090Worrying about money can be stressful, distracting and time-consuming. According to new research, a third of Americans are actually losing sleep over it.

Experts say chronic concern over finances can take quite a physical toll on the person doing the worrying.

Pricey housing, staggering electric bills, heaps of student loan debt, a puny savings account; when it comes to worrying about money, there are limitless ways to stress. And no two bodies handle it quite the same.

Just ask Dallas’ Tessa Ostheimer. AUDIO

What about Corrupt Kaine? Donald Trump Reacts to Hillary Clinton’s VP Choice by Dubbing Him “Corrupt Kaine”


VIDEO: A Third of Nice Truck Attack’s Dead Were Muslim

DEVICENICE, France — When a Tunisian man drove a truck down a crowded street in Nice last week in an attack claimed by the Islamic State, more than one-third of the people he killed were Muslim, the head of a regional Islamic association said on Tuesday.

Kawthar Ben Salem, a spokeswoman for the Union of Muslims of the Alpes-Maritimes, said that Muslim funerals were being held for at least 30 of those who died during the Bastille Day attack, including men, women and children. MORE

Saudi Arabia Overtakes Russia as China’s Top Oil Supplier

-1x-1Saudi Arabia has reclaimed the mantle from Russia as China’s top crude supplier. Oil imports from Saudi Arabia rose 12 percent month-on-month to 4.57 million metric tons (1.12 million barrels a day) in June, the highest since February, while imports from Russia fell 22 percent. It’s the third time this year that the world’s largest oil-producing nation has out-supplied Russia. SOURCE

Rome’s Mamertine Prison where St.Peter & St, Paul were Imprison Reopened

prison-2An ancient Roman prison which boasts a couple of saints as former inmates reopened in the heart of the eternal city Wednesday after three years of excavation and painstaking restoration works.

The Mamertine Prison, which sits on the slope of the Capitoline Hill, was used as a holding cell for short periods before executions and, according to legend, briefly housed both Saint Peter and Saint Paul. MORE