Will God Illuminate the world before the End?

Letter to a CMRI member. Will God Illuminate the world before the End??

Dear CMRI Member: Jan. 25 2013 St. Paul C. Ap.

Thank you for sending me that nice Christmas card with your family pictures.

I knew your Dad for about 35 years. Like so many sede vacantists or traditionalists all thought that Paul VI was the one and only AntiChrist. I wasn’t to sure because being Biblical orientated I could not see him living long enough for all of the prophesies to materialize before Christ comes back. Later I found out we were half right and that Paul VI was the Man of Sin and started the reign of AntiChrists during the Great Apostasy which lasts about 40 to 50 years.Christ made it clear many false prophets and AntiChrist during this era. The reason for the one, singular AntiChrist is because only one can be seated in the chair at a time.

Because of Paul VI’s death and no second coming, CMRI began to rethink it’s policy and started to preach of another true Pope before the second coming. Then the Rev. Francis

Schuckardt, using Our Lady of Fatima’s statement, that in the End my Immaculate Heart will triumph made himself a Pope to indicated that he was the answer to Our Lady’s prediction. Even though Francis failed as a Pope many, like your Dad started to adopt the future Pope prediction then took the liberty to stay home until the true Pope comes into the world.

Up until about five years ago some of the CMRI Fathers were still preaching of another true Pope and I had to take the liberty to speak with the Bishop asked him to stop the Fathers from preaching this publicly because it’s not a dogma. His answer was they haven’t been for quite some time. However since then Father Benedict Hughes has got around this by stating that before Christ’s return, “God will illuminate the world and all the countries will become Catholic again.” (1) Of course he knows many of the doctors were only giving this opinion without the fact that the AntiChrist would be a legally elected Pope.” Some thought an Anti-pope but with a true pope intact. This is why CMRI says we are going through an interregnum. This of course implies another true pope, but how can we be going through an interregnum without a conclave? Sorry but we have an official break in the line of popes and the only way this can happen is when the AntiChrist takes over

the chair and he keeps the chair till Christ comes back and that’s what brings him back in the first place or their would not be a second coming of Christ. We were not aware that the Great Apostasy would last 40 to 50 years as I later found out. Another reason why their could not be just one AntiChrist.

In your letter you stated that, “soon God will intervene and shed His light upon us all.” If this were true, then why even bother praying for your son, as asked, let’s just wait until God sheds his light upon us all. Does this make sense??? This is something Father Hughes dreamed up hoping that some day, like Schuckardt, he can become the Pope who saves the church.

The truth of the matter is there is no true pope in the future anymore than we can be without a true pope in the second place, that is unless the AntiChrist takes his place predicted by the Bible. A prophecy which was hard to accept by the Doctors unless, like us saw it happen.

Grace be with you, In Christ, Joseph

1. Fr. Benedict Hughes 2011 Fatima Conference