What Hutton Gibson Doesn’t tell you on “Church Laws”

Dear Friends of the TRUTH:

In this email sent out by Hutton Gibson on “Church Laws” he explains why these V-2 popes can not be popes. (See Continue Reading) He goes to say that ” there have been several historical periods in which there has been no pope, for up to three years.”  Well my friends we all know that when a pope dies or resigns we have a break and we call it an interregnum. However during these times past there was always clergy in charge of the Church who were responsible for instituting a conclave for the election of a pope. In the instance of the three years interregnum it was a three year conclave until the new pope was elected.

However Hutton, being a sede vacantist, doesn’t explain how the line of successors got broken since John XXIII and since none of these conclaves are valid anymore.

I bring this up because Vatican Council I and the Church teaches that the line of successors has to be unending and unbroken chain.

As a sede vacantist myself, at least I come up with the logical answer and that is, the only time this can happen to the Church is when the AntiChrists come into the world and take over the papacy, incorporate a schism with a false council and lead the majority into the Great Apostasy that we are in now. According to St. Paul, can only come to it’s conclusion with Christs return.

As most of you are aware, I back up what I say with the evidence and facts as I point out where these V-2 popes and their council can be found in the Scriptures. Not to mention the False Prophets and the Day of the general judgment.

I would also like to point out that we have had lots of Masonic Bishops that were Masons for political reasons. To help unions for instance and as long as they were not out to “plot against of the church” they were accepted. I’m not sure but I was told Pope Pius IX was a mason but recanted.

Hutton’s emails cannot be returnable. Which means one cannot reply to them, so its a one way street. At least I haven’t been able to do so.

Once again, the Church has NEVER had a break in the line of Popes accept for death or resignation until Paul VI signed and enforced the Heretical decrees of the Vatican II Council. As Catholics if we don’t defend ALL of the FACTS we may as well go back to the apostate church.

Grace be with you,

in Christ, Joseph

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These are laws to which we owe obedience. But the apostates (Roman & hierarchical) feel no such obligation, or they would lose both control and their gainful employment.

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