They say they are Jews and are not, (Apoc: 3:9) They say they are Americans and are not, They say they are Catholics and are not.


As a Traditional Catholic, close to 50 years now, It never ceases to amaze me how Satan is so successful generation after generation when all he does is use the same tactics on each generation. The same can be said for those Catholics who become Saints, thank God. In so far as the Church obligations, what I find missing today in our daily lives, is what I call my two word definition of being a Catholic and that is to DO GOOD.

When St. John made his statement on the Jews in Apocalypse 3, this took place about 100 years after the first Pentecost Sunday. He was referring to all the Jews who had rejected Jesus as the Messiah, hence the Synagogue of Satan. We could very well apply this to today’s Vatican II Catholics, who say they are Catholics but are not.

As for us Americans the fidelity to cause is lacking. I have been trying to get our priests to have the congregations say a few prayers the Sunday before some political event takes place with the hope of divine intervention in our favor. We say were Americans but were not.

My experience with Traditional Catholics I see this, “don’t ask don’t tell,” mentality just about everywhere I go. Trust me, I have been in just about all the different groups chapels. Catholics are supposed to know the difference between opinions and facts. Most will read just about anything but the “Deposit of Faith,” resource of the Bible. Trust me, if it wasn’t for OUR Bible, I would have become just another apparitional freak fanatic. As a matter of fact, my first step towards the Traditional Catholic Movement was with a group called, “The Fatima Crusaders.”

I’m writing this article so that you will understand what transpired between Pope John 23 and Paul VI and why we are where we are today as a result. If you were to look up Pope John 23’rds opening address of the Council you will find that he put’s it on the same level as previous councils. The term of Pastoral Council came some time latter and mostly with Paul VI. In Pope John’s opening address, he stated that he wanted, for one thing, to bring all the Christians together. However as the council progressed, it was evident he meant that he wanted to bring ALL the religions together. Now it doesn’t take much of a brain to know that there is no way anyone is going to bring ALL the religions together as long as you have Jesus Christ as the Messiah. It’s a no brainier that the next step would have to be to make him just another great prophet. A prophet among prophets. To do this you would have to change the BIBLE. That’s why the Church started printing new Bibles. These new changes started to appear in the new Missalettes for the new Mass. The first new Bible was the “American Bible.” As I recall it was a joint effort with Catholics and Greeks.Two others followed after this one. Now I’m not going over all the changes here but only those few that pertain to this subject. These two stand out. Isiah’s prophecy of 7:14. A Virgin shall conceive, and bear a son and his name shall be called Emmanuel. In the new Bibles it was changed to “A young woman with child.” The other one I’m pointing out is when Our Lord as a child stayed behind and was found preaching in the Temple. The change is in Jesus’s reply, where he says. “How is it that you sought me? Did you not know that I must be about my Fathers business.” This was changed to, “did you not know I must be in my Fathers house.” Most are not fully aware even of the original meaning. You see, it was the Passover, so he was talking about His crucifixion and His Father is God. In the new meaning, you have no real meaning and if anything the Temple is everyone’s Fathers house. What’s lost in these two new meanings is Jesus is not a Messiah but just another prophet and now all of the other non-christian religions can accept Jesus as a prophet equal to their prophets. Then of course came the table for our new mass which will blend in with the other religions. Those of you who have read my, “Beast of the Apocalypse,” know that the Spiritual aspect of the Beast is made up of mainly the V-2 Catholics, Jews and Protestants. These are the main forces, the others are just, tag along s. Our beautiful Bible points this out very accurately. Even the Protestants of the past referred to the Whore of Babylon as the Catholic Church but what they didn’t see was they were part of the system with this new catholic church. Once again, you will find pope John 23 in Apocalypse 9 as the Star that falls from heaven who opens up the gates of Hell, which is the Vatican II Council, and according to Father E.S. Berry 1921, leads to the FIRST AntiChrist who became, Paul VI, because he was the one who signed the Decrees of the Vatican II Council, changed the Sacraments and gave us the new Bibles. Because of these actions we were brought into the “Great Apostasy,” spoken of by St. Paul and unfortunately the end result is the Second Coming of Christ. There is no turn around of the Vatican II Council and I have been saying this for at least 40 years now.

One of the main problems we Traditionalists had in the beginning was the theory that there was only one individual AntiChrist. Notice that I spell AntiChrist with a capitol C. That’s because he has to be a High PRIEST a Christ against Christ.(1) As a result of Paul VI’s actions many thought he was the one and only AntiChrist and the only reason that I had some doubts was because I could not see him living long enough for all the prophesy’s to take place. So I stated that he could be if he lives long enough. So when he died, for most, the AntiChrist thesis went out the window. Now when John Paul I came along I could not immediately find him in the scriptures and he only lasted about thirty days and along came John Paul II. Still most of us were in limbo until I got my big triple signal Grace which came when John Paul II got shot. You see, it was on May the 13th, my birthday, our Lady of Fatima’s day and that put him in Chapter 13:14 of the book of the Apocalypse. Now the limbo days were over. I started piecing all of the prophesy’s that fit John Paul II and here they are.
He’s admired by the world, man of the 20th century Apoc. 13:3
He’s accepted by the Jews.Jn. 5:43 First (pope) to go into a Synagogue April 13, 1986
He has Two Horns like those of a lamb, but he spoke as a dragon. Now this is where pope John Paul I comes into play. John Paul I was the first pope in history who took two names of previous popes. When Our Lord established the Papacy he did away with Major prophets because the Pope is the High Priest, Prophet & Doctor of the Church, no one is above the Pope. A prophet is a Horn of Salvation, he speaks for God, this comes from Luke 1:69. St. John the Baptist a Horn of Salvation. Only Popes speaks for God after John the Baptist. By taking two names of bad popes and accepting the Council, John Paul I and mainly John Paul II has two Horns of salvation of a Lamb but speaks like a dragon because he promotes the heretical teachings of the Council. John Paul II was quoted as saying, among other things, that “Jerusalem will become the city of peace for the entire world.” Duh, isn’t this where the AntiChrist will wind up before Christ comes back. The Two horns of AntiChrist is also a reflection of Caiphas the high priest who had Jesus killed. A God against God. The first real AntiChrist who wore the two horned miter..

I had expected that the next pope after JP-2 would follow suit with the name of John Paul III, but Ratzinger realized that the Church was losing it’s conservative, money making base, so became Benedict 16. I’m not going to waste my time on him but he is the AntiChrist in Chapter 17:16 who clashes with the Jews. This was done when he approved the 62 Missal for SSPX, where it says to pray for the conversion of the Jews and then came the big stir caused by Bishop Williamson on the Jewish Holocaust. The Jews wanted him excommunicated. Our Lord said that during the End times we would have many false prophets and AntiChrists.(2) Well here they are. I suspect Francis will take all to Jerusalem if he lives that long. I have the four last things that have to happen before Christ comes back listed on my web site.

The second main reason for this letter is Catholics are unaware, for the most part, that because of “The Great Apostasy,” God has elevated the laity up to the level of the Priesthood but not as functioning priests but to do the Evangelizing for the Church in these END times. Even common logic tells us that there are just not enough priests in the world to cover the problem with the short time that we have and even in “The Book of Destiny,” page 120, 1956, states the Apocalypse tells us so. We are listed as the “Crystal Sea,” the lay members of the Church.” Not to recognize these serious truths is without a doubt a mortal sin after one becomes aware of this facts. It’s a Mortal Sin to suppress any Truth for that matter, how much more in these Tumultuous Times.

My dear friends, the Scriptures tells us that in the End Times we will either be Saints or Sinners and the Church teaches that there is NO purgatory for those who are here when Christ Returns. This letter is being written for your benefit not mine. The world is being warned more so now than ever before of it’s impending end. It’s not Global warming, it’s Global SINNING.

The Great Apostasy lasts about 50 years and 2019 will be the 50th year. God is asking us ALL to stop complaining and start preaching the facts and preparing the world for His return. As Joel 2:31 and St Peter Acts 2:20 repeats, on that first Pentecost Sunday, ” And it shall come to pass, in the last days, (saith the Lord,) I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,” Prophesied what? but these Truths the Church teaches which I have pointed out to you with His return on that Last Pentecost Sunday.

May Almighty God bless you and remain with you till the End of this World.

In Christ, Joseph Month of the Precious Blood.

(1) AntiChrist Catholic Encyclopedia 1912
(2) Matthew 24:24
Note: The American Bible changed Isias’s prophecy back again but the damage was done. I guess you could call it, “bait and switch,” I can’t say about the Ignatius and Oxford Bibles.