The Truth About Bishop Francis Schuckardt

In response to Bishop Joseph Marie:

I met Francis Schuckardt on January 25, 1968. (St. Paul’s Conversion day) He came to my church St. Joseph’s in Hawthorne CA. It was posted in the bulletin: ‘International Secretary of the Blue Army,’ to lecture the Fatima Peace Plan from Heaven. At the time, according to Bishop Joseph Marie he was not part of the Blue Army anymore. That being the case, Schuckardt deceived everyone. Nevertheless, I was impressed with his lecture and told him so, handing him my name and address. (At this time I wasn’t paying attention to what was going on in Rome, because of the immorality of the ’60’s in the United States. Lucky for us we had a traditional minded Cardinal McIntyre. Because of him they didn’t install the new Mass until 1971).

Around June of 1968 I received an invitation from Francis to attend a seminar in July. A great opportunity I took advantageous of and this is when I found out about the Vatican II Council. Biblically speaking, I told Francis this could be the Great Apostasy spoken of by St. Paul, motivating me to join up with his newly founded Fatima Crusaders.

Later, when Francis Schuckardt became bishop, I told him not to make himself a pope, there is no pope during the Great Apostasy. It’s the Anti-Christs who will be accepted as popes, thereafter the church would be reduced to the remnant minority.

My experience with Bishop Francis, even though he didn’t officially announce it, once he claimed he was the only true bishop in the world, he made himself pope. The claim rightfully indicated he was a pope. Another indication was Francis Schuckardt wore white. It was rumored he took the name of Hadrian IV? By this time, in one of his local seminary lectures, it was evident to me his health was failing. One instance, Mass was scheduled at 7 pm, but because of his illness it was delayed. I waited until midnight and then decided to leave, finding out the following morning, Mass was offered around 6 am. These delays in the Mass became frequent. Learning from a reliable source, around Christmas season, during one of the delays of the Mass, it was reported the Bishop was shopping while the people were waiting for him to say Mass. This and other awkward behaviors, shaped my conclusion, the man wasn’t capable of ruling anymore.

After the break-up with Father Chicoine, it was discovered, $15,000 dollars of outdated checks was in his priory. One check was from me for $20 dollars, returned by Fr. Dennis. I still have the check, dated 12-6-78.

Once Bishop Musey took over CMRI in Spokane, all of Bishop Schuckardt’s priests took an Abjuration of Error and got conditionally ordained by him. I sided both with Bishop Musey and Fr. Dennis. . . and the rest is history.

Despite all these incidents, I still respect Bishop Francis Schuckardt for helping us save the church. I’m sure he would take pride seeing how enormous CMRI has grown, thanks to him for the most part.

Grace be with you, In Christ,

Joseph B.D. Saraceno

Enclosed are most of the facts as reported by Wikipedia on their website;

Francis Konrad Schuckardt (July 10, 1937 – November 5, 2006) was an American Traditionalist Catholic independent bishop and the first known bishop of the …

The Chicoine faction subsequently filed civil suits in five different states wherein the Schuckardt faction had assets, claiming that these assets belonged to his church, but lost all of these cases. The Schuckardt faction also challenged the civil suit [33] filed by the Chicoine faction in Washington in 1984 and agreed to a settlement before the trial began in 1993. The settlement heavily favored the Chicoine faction. Nine years of legal wrangling finally came to an end, with the Chicoine faction getting the lion’s share of the Fatima Crusade’s assets.

Later life

For the remainder of his life Schuckardt lived in the Seattle area. As reported November 2005, [34] the TLRCC has about 100 members in the area. The article states “At the heart of the mysterious group lies its founder, Francis Konrad Schuckardt, a charismatic leader who considers himself to be the true Pope, according to members of the group.” The church has no public address or telephone number.

In 2002 a reporter from The Seattle Times attempted to obtain an interview with Schuckardt for an article, [35] but requests were denied because of health reasons, although the reporter was allowed to conduct an extensive interview with 6 Church members and given access to Church services.

In 2006 Schuckardt consecrated Andrew Jacobs (Brother Mary Fidelis) and Joseph Belzak (Brother John Francis Marie) as bishops.

In April 2006, Schuckardt was diagnosed with terminal cancer and died on November 5, 2006.