The Transfiguration, Aug. 6, The Assumption and Speculative Theology

One of the reasons for the transfiguration of Our Lord  was to demonstrate the relationship between our body and our ghost, (soul). The reason being to what transpires during the general judgment. “In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye,…” I Corin. 15:52. 

At some of my lectures, often to illustrate, I’d go over to a light switch, pointing to the light bulb in the off position, saying, with the light bulb turned off, think of it as our physical body. When God turns the switch to on, you go immediately to your Ghost, and those who go to heaven in our glorified body, (we become like the Angels). However once in this state of our Ghosts it still takes a week during the general judgment for all to be judged then after sent to our destinations. Heaven or Hell.  (Pentecost Sunday to the eve of Trinity Sunday.)  Apoc. 17:11. (Pentecost symbol).

Not to get off the subject, for around 20 years I’d often ask some of the Fathers, how did the Apostles know that it was Elias standing there with Moses? We could all generalize Moses with the Tablets in his hand and maybe the two rays of light shinning from his head but no one could answer for Elias. (the Scriptures don’t say). Finally, one day I saw an old  Biblical picture of him and he had a Scroll in his hands. Of course, the scroll is or represents the book of life where the Faithful or the Righteous are inscribed in it, and who else would hold this Book but one of the two witnesses at the end of the world? Apoc. 21:27.

This same thesis would also apply with Our Lady’s Assumption. Our Lady’s death was the same as what will happen to us at the general judgment.
“…it was just as easy for God to take her glorified body to heaven at once as it will be to take the glorified bodies of all the saved at the last day.”
“….at once being assumed into heaven.” Radio Replies II, pg. 167.  Ott.

So watch out for all that speculative theology, where the SSPX had a calendar showing a corpse (Dormant) of Our Lady getting ready for burial while her soul was in limbo, I guess?
Just use a little logic and common sense. That’s what I do. “Faith does not Contradict Reason.”

Grace be with you through Mary Our Hope, In Christ, Joseph

Fundamental’s of Catholic Dogma by Dr.Ludwig Ott page 208-210.