by Rt. Rev. J. Vida Elmer

About the Author

Rev. Father J. Vida Elmer was born in Hungary in 1912. He was ordained for the Catholic priesthood in 1936. After his ordination, he served as religion-teacher in one of the public schools in the city of SZEGED; then, in different county parishes in Hungary as assistant pastor and administrator.

In 1956, the Russian army defeated the Hungarian freedom fighters. Cardinal Mindszenty, who after eight years of freedom, took refuge at the American Embassy in Budapest, Hungary, That time, about 300,000 Hungarians fled the country, Among them was Father Vida Elmer. He came to the United States in 1957.He found employment in the Catholic Diocese of Albany, New York. Thanks to the Latin language, he was able to offer the ancient Latin Mass to the American faithful without any difficulty whatsoever.

In 1964, however, when the Vatican II reforms began to proliferate, he asked and received permission from his own bishop in Hungary that he might go into voluntary retirement.

In 1974, a group of Traditional Catholics approached Father Elmer with a problem. The members of that group could not accept the un-Catholic innovations in the Church. Several of them stopped going to church. They said, however, if Father Elmer would serve them with the True Mass and Sacraments in the old way, they would gladly resume the practice of their Catholic religion. Father Elmer complied with their request. From that time, up until the present day, he has been serving this traditional group without interruption, offering them the blessings of the true Catholic religion at St. Michael’s Church, Glenmont, N.Y. 12077

THE happenings of our days are supplying strong arguments to the belief that the prophecies of the Holy Scriptures are coming to their realization. Better information means better preparedness.

R.I.P. Bishop J. Vida Elmer March 30, 1993

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