The Double Thinking of some Traditional Fathers. First part Bishop Ezequiel Moreno

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Facebook reprinted my letter shared with Public 3-2-21

First part Bishop Ezequiel Moreno,
The double thinking of some Traditional Fathers, some very clever Bishops and Priests, who have seen and know perfectly well what the conciliar church stands for, who wrote magnificent books on this subject, who know all about this new religion that sprang up there, however do not see or manage to talk about what happens within their own Society. Why?

Because it’s easier to see the evil in our neighbor’s house than in one’s own house, and commenting on what we see there is less risky than speaking up about the evil that happens in the room next door, in our own house, between our own acquaintances, our own family.

In criticizing the Councils harshly, he does not risk too much, but publicly denouncing the betrayal or mistakes of his own, and above all of his superiors, can be very costly. Not everyone is willing to pay that price that the defense of the truth demands. But is it possible that these superiors have prepared the priests to fight for the truth in every area and all circumstances, no matter where it came from, or have they taught them a “partisan” attitude to the crisis of the Church, which they see as between two sides that could never influence each other?

Business people have taken control of the SSPX and other groups.. The Machiavellian-ism of the Conciliarists has infected them with the use of Hegelian dialectics and double think as tools of power and manipulation. At this point, the priests of these groups should have realized this, but for years now, a mechanism of control has been built, by which they have accepted the contradiction in their lives, and sentimentality was injected into their ranks, which prevented them from the internal fight, and which does not allow them to remove the blindfold.

The truth demands to be loved entirely. For its own sake. And be put into practice so that its possession is complete: “Birds resort unto their like: so truth will return to them that practice her.”(Ecclesiasticus, XXVII, 10). If the traditional bishops and priests had continued to follow those who rejected Rome, in the first place we would not have reached this point, where most are ready to place itself under the power of its enemies: “Truth can not deal with heresy, as a sovereign with another sovereign, since truth is the sole sovereign and heresy is but a rebel. Truth cannot make a pact with error; truth contradicts, fights, excludes error, and would stop believing in itself, if it recognized in error the right to occupy a place next to it. ” (Bishop Ezequiel Moreno, pastoral letter, April 30, 1904).​

With all due respect, the lack of respect and the condemnation of the Sede Vacante movement by sspx, and other Traditionalist priests, laity and publications have prevented the expansion of other churches and as a result most sspx and independent members find themselves with no other place to go. The resistance and the restoration groups are coming up to, “to little too late.” Seventy five per cent of Traditional Catholics are in their 70’s and most of their offspring have left the faith. Not wanting to sound like a broken record, (as truth dictates) we are left with these options. Stop condemning the Sede Vacantist’s and each other, stop deceiving the faithful into thinking that the Vatican II Council is reversible. And start exposing these (popes) as the AntiChrists that they are and prepare and spread the good news of Christs return on that last Pentecost Sunday. Parts of this letter were taken from : Archbishop Lefebvre Forum Ignacio Kilmot

Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph