The Apostolic Succession Is Now Almost Dead in New church

Francis Arinze

January 24, 2020 – St. Timothy, Bishop & Martyr Double Feast

The Apostolic Succession Is Now Almost Dead in Newchurch. There Are only Forty Old Bishops Who Were Validly Consecrated before 1968
From: Petrus Romanus, The TRADITIO Network’s Roman Correspondent

The Youngest Valid Bishop Left in Newchurch Newcardinal Francis Arinze, at Age 87 In 1968 Newchurch Adopted an Invalid Protestantized New Ordinal That No Longer Consecrates Bishops under the Sacrament of Holy Orders But Merely Installs Them Like Invalid Protestant Bishops There Are Now only Forty Valid Bishops Alive in Newchurch Thus, the Apostolic Succession in Newchurch Will Die within Two Decades The Succession Will Then Reside Exclusively outside the Newchurch In the Traditional Catholic Organizations that Have Valid Bishops Consecrated under the Traditional Roman Pontifical

The invalid Protestantized New Ordinal of 1968, which Newchurch adopted a year before the invalid Novus Ordo of 1969 (aka “New Mess”), no longer ordains priests under the Sacrament of Holy Orders to “offer the Sacrifice of the Mass for the living and the dead,” but merely “installs” Novus Ordo presbyter-ministers “to preside over the assembly of the people.” Moreover, the New Ordinal does not consecrate bishops under the Sacrament of Holy Orders, but merely “installs” them like Protestant bishops. Thus, Newchurch has not had valid priests or bishops since just after the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965).