“The AntiChrist will de-Christianize Nations”

‘Worst Year Yet’: The Top 50 Countries Where It’s Hardest to Be a Christian

Father H. B. Kramer in his “The Book of Destiny,” (Tan books reprint 1956). In interpreting the Apocalyptic prophecies concerning the status of the Church during the End Times we find him acknowledging what the Church has always alluded to the fact that during these End Times the faithful will be reduced to the Remnant Few. “When the Son of Man returns, think you that he will find faith upon the earth?” Luke 18:8. and in Matt. 24: 22 and unless those days had been shortened, no living creature would be saved. But for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.

   In interpreting the Victory of the Beast over the Church, (Apoc. 13), he acknowledges “The Church is defeated, The Papacy is abolished,” “the Antichrist sitteth in the temple of  God”  this temple is shown to be a Catholic Church, possibly one of the churches in Jerusalem  or St Peters in Rome….Page 321. A viewpoint one could consider heretical if not for the Vatican II Council and Paul VI. Did not Paul VI give away the Papal Tiara, his Pectrol Cross and  Ring. And did he not replace them with the Jewish Ephod, the  Two Horned Bishop’s Miter and Staff with the Broken Cross. ( Symbols of Anti-Christ)?  Wasn’t it Paul VI who tried to eliminate the True Mass and Priesthood? The book of the Apocalypse 18:5 confirms this. “For her sins have reached even into Heaven.”Because the Mass is Heaven  on earth? As Father Kramer writes: “Heaven is the Church,” page 409. Doctor and Saint, Alphonsus Liguouri states that one of the first things the Anti Christ would do is to try to Abolish the Mass.(1)   Did not Paul VI ignore the “Ottaviani Intervention? Did not Paul VI promulgate the “Declaration on Religious Liberty,” written with the help of Cardinal Wojtyla (Later J-P 2) and protested against by 1000 Bishops  at the council. (2)  Did not Paul VI force the Catholic Countries to change their constitutions  for the new Secular Democracy. Father Kramer admits, “The Anti Christ will de Christianize  Nations.” (p.378). Does not the Vatican II Council teach that “Other Religions offer salvation.” (3)  All of these Vatican II popes are encouraging Catholic Nations to join up with the God-less European Union.

 Christ confirms that during these times we would have “many False Christs and False Prophets.” Matt. 24:5-13. Father Kramer states on Anti Christ, ” It will be easy to recognize him in his doctrines & works, there will be no more excuse for ignorance.    Paul VI is responsible for revoking at least two decrees of previous Dogmatic Councils. The first is the 4 th. Lateran Council (1215) and Florence (1442) Extra Ecclesia, nulla salus or No Salvation outside the Church. The second is Quo Primum, that results from the  decree of the Council of Trent.In the Catholic Encyclopedia (1912, Imprimatur of Archbishop Farley of New York)  concerning Papal infallibility we read: ” Were a Pope to become a public heretic-where he clearly opposed what has been defined as de Fide Catholic- many theologians hold that no formal sentence of disposition would be required, as by becoming a public heretic the Pope would ipso facto cease to be Pope.”  ( Canon 188 n 4)This is also confirmed by Pope Leo XIII. (4)    Neither the office of the Papacy nor any of the Sacraments can ever be destroyed since Christ is still the invisible Head of the Church; and as long as there is one true Bishop in the world, the Church remains intact. Also,  no one  else can guarantee that we will someday have another Pope or Council which will pass judgment on the Vatican II church and council. Since Faith and Morals are more important than authority one most conclude that the soul is more important than authority. Hence the Church must continue in its current state until we reach our destiny.  Fear not, my dear Catholics, for the gates of Hell will not prevail against her, for our Lord will surely be back for our final victory over the Anti Christ and his defenders. Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph B.D. Saraceno 1.The Dignity & Duties of the Priest. Benziger Bros. New York. 1889, p. 212.2. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Mc Graw-Hill Book Company. New York. 1965; CJC 188 2315/16.3.Harper-Collins Encyclopedia of Catholicism. Notre Dame University. 1989: Also Mortalium Animos, Pope Pius XI.4. Rev. James McGovern, The Life & Life Work of Pope Leo XIII, 1903, p241.