Pope John XXIII’s reason for calling the Vatican II Council

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Act of Faith
O my God * I firmly believe all the sacred truths * which Thy Holy Catholic Church * believes and teaches * because Thou hast revealed them *  Who canst neither deceive * nor be deceived.
I opened up with the Act of Faith in order to challenge your mind set to see if this applies to you as a Catholic. One cannot ignore the FACT that NO church council has caused more controversy as this “Vatican II Council” has in the history of the Church.

When Pope John XXIII called the Vatican II Council he first stated to the news media that it would be a Pastoral Council and that he wanted to bring all the Christians together, open the windows and let in some fresh air.

However what he really meant was, he wanted to bring all the Religions together. However in his opening address he changed his position and put the Council up to the level of all the past Councils. Just look up his opening address at the Council. The first of many “half truths.”
In bringing all the religions together it became more evident as the council progressed and more obvious under (pope) Paul VI.
(There are a lot of Traditional Catholics who believe that pope John XXIII was a Mason and therefore was never a pope. I found these sources not to be credible and will cover this in another article.) Either way the Papal line has been broken to most.

Question, how do you bring all the Religions together with Jesus as God Man.  The only answer to that is to make Jesus just another prophet. Of course you have to be discreet about it, as with many of the changes of the Council’s changes.. To begin with, they would have to change the liturgy and the main reason for the new Bibles. The American Bible was first. I believe The Greek Orthodox and the Catholic Fathers worked on this together, but never the less, the Church is in charge here. One of many changes which stand out began to show as an attack on those prophecies we considered to be sacred. One of the most important of these was Isaias 7:14, prophecy from a “VIRGIN shall conceive, to a YOUNG women with child,” The Ignatius, Oxford Bible and St. Joseph Bibles all came later. You can see that this is a trend casting doubt not only on Our Lady’s Virginity but on the Divinity of Our Lord.The American Bible changed it back, (Two years later) to the similar phase of what it was before to, “..the virgin shall be with child, and bear a son…..” (conceived was left out) but close enough. However still retained in the other New Catholic Bibles, Now I don’t have the time to go over all the changes but the few here for your attention.  We have St.Gabriel’s Annunciation in Luke 1-26, “Rejoice, O highly favored daughter!” for “Hail full of Grace.” “My BEING proclaims the greatness of the Lord.” in place of, “My SOUL magnifies the Lord and my Spirit rejoices in God my Savior.The child Jesus lost in the Temple. “Did you not know that I must be about my Fathers business.” was changed to, “Did you not know that I must be in my Fathers house.” This new change has no prophecy attached to it because the Temple is everyone’s Fathers house. Even some Catholics were not aware of the meaning of this prophesy because some were not aware that it takes place during the Passover Luke 2:49.
I have here a document taken out of the The Harper-Collins Encyclopedia of Catholicism (1995) in it’s explanation of the Vatican II Council and on “Nostra Aetate” it states. Number 9. “God uses other Christian church’s and NON-christian religions in offering salvation to all mankind; the Catholic Church is not the only means of salvation.” page 1306, this is formal, public, Heresy and a causes a break in Infallibility because the Council goes out to the whole Church which makes it Ex Cathedra.

This my friends is an automatic excommunication-al teaching, and we haven’t even touched the changes in the Mass let alone the other Sacraments of the Church, the changing of the Apostles Creed, which has been practically eliminated from the new church. When Paul VI signed these decrees into law, he broke Infallibility because they contradict other past decrees of previous Councils.You can see this document on my web site under why Sede Vacante and other Documents mentioned here under, “Apostasy and the Beast.”
http://www.catholicendtimetruths.com or I can send them to you.

It is not to say, “that all these people involved in the Vatican II Council are heretics either,” Archbishop Lefebvre, founder of the SSPX,  signed many of the documents, as did Archbishop Ngo Dinh Thuc of Vietnam and both became the leaders of the Traditional movement. Many of the changes proposed at the council were a “bait and switch” agenda which was caught after the fact so many where mislead and unaware and many others were just over whelmed by it all. Remember most of the Prelates were in their 70’s and some in their 80’s.

As for the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church. First this is just another of many paradox’s of the Bible and it’s taken out of context. The Church teaches that in the End TIMES the faithful will be reduced to the Remnant few, that is during the “Great Apostasy,” spoken of by St. Paul, which precedes the Second Coming of Christ and if you were to look up the definition of AntiChrist in the Catholic Encyclopedic 1912 it tells us that he will most likely be a false pope. The AntiChrist that St. John is referring to in the Book of the Apocalypse was Caiphas, but in the future, the one who’s sitting on the Chair, a High Priest.
Unfortunately, it’s false popes. No one thought they would be many and according to all sources, the length of time given for the Reign of these Anti-Christ’s of the Great Apostasy is about 50 years.

I judge the Roman See to be Vacant, Archbishop Ngo Dinh Thuc Munich, 2-25-1982
Archbishop Lefebvre  1976 “The Counciliar Church is a schismatic Church, because it breaks with the Catholic Church that has always been.”
Archbishop Lefebvre  8-29-1987 “The see of Peter and posts of authority in Rome being occupied by Anti-Christs……Bishop M.A. Pivarunas CMRI News letter 2006  “The Conciliar Church will never return to Tradition.”
Bishop Donald J. Sanborn Bargaining with the, “ANTICHRISTS.” newsletter 2-5-2001
I must mention that no private revelations can be part of the Deposit of Faith, even those approved by the Church.
What’s continually left out of the evaluation of the Status of the Church, is the Bible. As Catholics we are bound to accept these three things which make up the Deposit of Faith.. The Hierarchy, the BIBLE and Tradition. There will never be another true Pope, so we cannot depend on another pope in ruling on these issues and if anything, time is running out.
It was by accident that I became very proficient in the Scriptures and when I found out about what was coming out of Rome, I immediately informed those involved that this could be the “Great Apostasy.” St. Paul was mentioning in the scriptures..

Biblical Facts.

Pope John XXIII & Apocalypse 9 the Star that falls from Heaven

Most accepted John XXIII as a pope at the time, so we can say he was UN-officially excommunicated after we became aware that he and Paul VI were out to destroy the Church. However,  Paul VI lied when he said the council was pastoral, (Not according to Pope John’s opening address) as a result this caused more confusion among the faithful. Paul VI was OFFICIALLY excommunicated on Nov. 19 1969 when he rejected publicly the complaints of the Religious to stop with the new Mass (Cardinal, “Ottaviani” Intervention. And the new changes.  There was no CMRI or other sects at the time of pope John XXIII.  

Taken from “The Apocalypse of St. John.” by Father E. Sylvester Berry D.D. 1921  Printed in the October, 2007, edition of Adsum.
“. . .Antichrist and his (prophet) will introduce ceremonies to imitate the Sacraments of the Church.  In fact there will be a complete organization – a church of Satan set up in opposition to the Church of Christ. Satan will assume the part of God the Father; Antichrist will be honored as Savior, and his prophet will usurp the role of Pope.  Their ceremonies will counterfeit the Sacraments” pg. 138. Father Berry goes on to say:

“And I saw a Star fall from heaven upon the earth. and there was given to him the KEY of the bottomless pit.” the Gates of Hell, Apocalypse. 9:1.”
In the fallen star ancient commentators saw  a figure of Arius and other early heretics. As a matter of fact, any priest or Bishop (only a pope can change teachings)  of the Church who becomes the leader of Heresy may be compared to a Star fallen  from Heaven. But in this case the star refers to some particular person whose revolt from the Church shall lead directly to the reign of Antichrist. Fr. Berry pg. 98  This leaves out Luther.
Father Sylvester Berry did his best to explain a difficult subject because no one could ever believe that the papacy would be permanently taken over by a Pope AntiChrist. The Vatican II church does not have a true papacy anymore and they have no true priesthood.  Not to be confused with the Office, It only takes one Bishop to keep the Office alive.

Father H. Kramer in his.”The Book of Destiny.” Tan 1956 on the Apocalypse makes it clear. “The Church is defeated. The Papacy is abolished.” pg. 321 and his writings coincide with Father Berry s.
Everyone needs to get these two books on the Apocalypse, The Book of Destiny and The Apocalypse of St. John. 

Now my friends, most of the Fathers and Laity failed to associate the seriousness of this Council. I say this because many seriously believed that this was a temporary thing and that in time, 10, 15, or 25 years from now, things will return back to normal.Here are a few who thought this at the time.Fr. Gommar DePauw, Fr. Francis LeBlanc, Fr. Frederick Schell, Fr. Paul Wickens and these are the one’s I remember. I can’t recall all the Traditional newsletters that felt this way but these two I remember are Veritas and The Voice by Hugh McGovern. These are all gone now and hopefully you won’t die with a false hope like they did.

(Pope) John XXIII was elected on Oct. 23 1958 on Dec. 5, 1958, 38 days later makes Montini (the future Paul VI) a Cardinal. (Pope) John XXIII stated publicly, “I’m just a puppet.” 51 days later on Jan. 25, 1959 (Pope) John XXIII announces the Vatican II council. Jan. 25th is St Paul’s conversion day and is the Apostle who prophesied the “Great Apostasy, (schism)”  “Man of Perdition” Paul VI the first AntiChrist who has to come into the world before Christ comes back. During the Council Montini stayed in the palace, not in the hotels as did the others.
I say Montini was the one who planned the council.. Again this makes John XXIII the precursor of the first AntiChrist and that’s how he should be addressed.
I pray that this letter will help bring us Traditionalist closer together and give you the courage to properly express these truths to your friends, family and those Fathers who feel these AntiChrists are popes.

Grace be with you, In Christ, Joseph