This Palm Sunday, March 28th, starts the week of the creation of our World

Around 25 years ago I was using the 1st day of Spring as the first day of the creation, not realizing I needed the Passover Spring FULL MOON. (I included this with my 22 now 23 mysteries of the faith that I give to the Catholic world). Adam was created on Good Friday. I guess you could add this to another reason we call it GOOD FRIDAY. So here you have the people of Jerusalem cheering and glorifying the Lord as he rides into town and little did they know it was the week in which they began their existence. Ex: 12. The reading on Good Friday, and Holy Saturday Gen: 1, is the Scriptural source with the Passover tradition.

There isn’t anything in the scriptures that can tell us when God made Eve, or how long they lived in the garden of paradise before they were expelled.

I heard this protestant minister? (Dr. Jobe Martin) compare the week of the creation with what our Lord did when He made wine at the wedding. He made that point about how long it takes to make wine, let alone good wine and yet Jesus made it all in an instant. If he could make that wine in an instant, then he could’ve just as easily have created the world in a week. Good point I thought. I’ll drink to that.
Happy Birthday World, You too Adam and to all his offspring.
In Christ, Joseph