Of the book of the Apocalypse, every living person alive right now is an American

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Posted today on my web site where I said I would explain later that all the living persons and some other revelations in the book of the Apocalypse have to do with America. First you have to understand that all these Vatican II popes are all AntiChrists as I explain in my 22 Mysteries of the Faith article and elsewhere.

In reading an article in the RNS one of the writers stated that we have our first American pope. So I thought to myself, hey, that would also make him the first American “AntiChrist.”  Remember I had the first and Main False prophet in the Apocalypse as the Rev Billy Graham, who was succeeded by President Trump and now, (St) Joseph Biden. Remember every coin has two sides but still the same coin. ALL American. The Church takes refuge in the United States Apoc. 12:14. The Eagle is the symbol of the U.S. here.

The white pebble as Bishop Pivarunas, an American. 2:17. I’m an American and I give every one all of these mysteries including the day and week of the general judgment, the other witness is an American but I’m not revealing who he is. I’ll let God do that. Amen.  There is one more person that does the census of the faithful, measuring of the Temple who could be an American Priest who would have to also be an American, not revealed yet.
So there you have it my friends. Now I’m up to 23 or 24, mysteries of the faith given to Catholics since 1973. There can’t be that much left.
Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph Saraceno  2-17-21 St Patrick BC  Month of St. Joseph